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Sunday. A couple of weeks after I moved here (almost two years ago), I went to the supermarket and saw a really cute man. I kept checking him out and smiling at him. Then he paid for his groceries and left.
When I got home I told a friend what happened. I said something like this: “I can’t believe it! There is one cute man in this town and he wasn’t wearing a ring!”
He got pretty excited and asked me all about this man. I said I had just only seen him and never talked to him but I really wish I could see him again.
My friend advised to go the following week at the same time to the supermarket and see if he was there.
The following week it rained terribly and I didn’t wish to go to the supermarket so I never knew what could have happened.

A couple of weeks ago almost the same thing happened. I saw a man and I smiled at him. To my surprise, he also smiled at me and we kind of spent the rest of the shopping time checking each other out and smiling. Then when it was time to pay, he was in front of me on the line and I was checking my list to see if I had forgotten something and then I read: Ice cream. I always get the frozen stuff last. “Crap… what to do now. Stay here and see if the stranger talks to me and disappoint my kids or go for the freaking ice cream and miss a possible chance?”
So I went to get the ice cream.
When I got home the first thing that I did was to tell my friend: “It happened again. I met a man at the supermarket but I was forgetting something and then he was gone”.
“So next week you go at the same time and see if you see him again”.

The week passed and I had planned to go at the exact same time of the previous week, 2.35pm. But of course, every time I make a plan, something happens.
When I went to pick up my youngest son, one of the few “friends” I have here asked me if it was possible to look over his boy from 2.30pm until 5.00pm.
I didn’t hesitate and said: “Of course!”. This woman is pregnant with her 7th child and she and her husband came one day soon after I moved here and helped me hang a few lamps. I’ll never forget that.

So I thought, the boy gets here 2.30pm and then I jump on my bike and go to the supermarket.

It was 2.55pm and no signs of the boy. I said to my kids: “Maybe he’s not coming at all. I’ll go to the supermarket and if he comes, tell the mom I’ll be back in a few minutes”.

So I took my bike and went to the supermarket. It was almost half an hour later. I was cursing the entire way. “Shit, now I’ll never know if the stranger went looking for me or not”.

I got to the supermarket, parked the bike, went to pick a cart and started walking towards the entrance. I was coming from the left and still shaking my head and swearing when I realized someone was coming in the opposite direction so I stopped to let them get in first and when I looked up I realized it was the man of the previous week. Unbelievable!
I started laughing, and so he did.
He got in and started picking a few things he needed and then stopped at the end of the aisle. I couldn’t stop smiling and he was looking at me from the distance, also smiling.
I needed to get fresh bread so I was going to take a few more seconds until I got to where the man was standing but then, a woman appeared in front of me and started picking a lot of bread and rolls and buns and donuts and I was stuck there, I couldn’t go either way.

The guy waited a bit longer and then he smiled at me and left.

I’m not sure if he was waiting for me and thought I didn’t want to go there or what. In any case, nothing happened.

I thought of going again last Friday at the same time and see if I could meet him again but then I guess more important things were going on in my mind and I completely forgot about it.

I guess that means I wasn’t really interested in him.


~ by DotedOn on June 5, 2016.

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  2. Well, it’s always good to play a bit hard to get, but I would try again.

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  3. :/ Paola I’ve been there! Maybe everyone has, I’ve smiled at a lady they’ve smiled back, our eyes meet for a second and I always think ‘was she being friendly or…..’ BUT of course you have to talk to really understand what happened back there.

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  4. I’m thinking maybe you made it less important ’cause he didn’t keep waiting? He left. So you’re figuring he’s not interested enough. It would be a shame if you’re both available, are attracted on some level, and then don’t possibly meet again due to a possible misreading of a situation. OR, of course—maybe he just had to leave, and you also have lots of other things to do 😀

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  5. that is amazing! I love your anicdotes. I enjoy reading what you write. XXX

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  6. I’m thinking to myself… “Say hello…” (or Guten tag as it would be)… I hope it works out for you.

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