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Sunday. I mentioned on yesterday’s post that I miscalculated the distance while parking my ex’s car and also that he asked if I was scared of being with him for so many days.
A few more things happened some days before and I care to tell them so you can understand why I act the way I act sometimes.

I mentioned that my ex offered me his small car. Actually, he wanted to give me that car as a gift.
I declined his offer for several reasons:

-The car is for 5 persons and we are 6.
-The car doesn’t have a German license and won’t pass the pollution test so I can’t use that car to go to a city.
-It’s difficult to drive (I can say that now for sure).
-He never took good care of the car. I had to pump the tires because the bodywork was almost touching the floor.

And if that wasn’t enough, the day AFTER he offered me the car, he got a fine because the car was TOO noisy. He fixed the problem and he paid for the repair more than what the car is worth.

On Friday he went to the school picnic with 2 of my kids. When he got back he told me that he had a chat with one of the teachers. The teacher said that my two oldest kids are not doing well at school and that there is a chance that they will have to repeat the year. After saying that, he blamed me because my kids were playing video games instead of studying. He blamed me because I left him and moved to another country and put my kids in another school with a language they didn’t know and now they are having trouble and it’s mainly MY fault because every day when they got back from school I should have checked myself if they had homework instead of asking and trusting them.

Maybe I’m not doing a great job but why do I have to take responsibility for the whole thing?

About the car. I admit of being a lousy driver.
I tried to park in reverse and I miscalculated the distance. I’m sure that could happen to everyone and let me tell you why.
The landlord came one day and trimmed the side of the last pine tree. He said it was better that way for when we had to leave the driveway.
But what about when you want to get in the driveway?

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 11.49.55 AM

You come from the street and you can’t see how far the branches go in the driveway because there is nothing there… And then it’s too late!

And when my ex said: “There is half a pine tree stuck in the bumper”


Can you see were the little twig was stuck?

Seeing that twig there made me laugh. It was very small and he could see it. The thing is, he never missed a chance to make me feel stupid.

I do my best to keep a good relationship with him because of my kids but sometimes that’s impossible. He has no clue about how to treat a woman.

A man who tells you: “If I was mean to you, it’s your fault. You allowed it. You should have been stronger. If you didn’t like the way I treated you, you should have stopped talking to me and show me how wrong I was”.

In my defense, I told him how mad I was at him. I begged him to stop doing some of the things he did and stop saying some of the things he said because he was hurting me. I tried and kept trying. I didn’t give up easily.
But one day I just had enough.
What the f#$k did he expect? I turned the other cheek until the pain was unbearable. Then I left.

~ by DotedOn on June 12, 2016.

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  1. The twig made me laugh! I had pictured much bigger!

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  2. 😦

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  3. There’s a twig there? How large do I have to make the photo to see it?

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