Tuesday. A few days ago I wrote about the color red and the impression that this color has in people. Many associate red with sex or passion. In some cultures red represents good fortune.
Daniel (hyperionsturm.wordpress.com) left a comment asking me to share which color on a man draws a woman’s eye.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.52.48 AM

Wow, I had never pay attention to that. I think men can wear whatever color they like because apparently, I don’t pay attention to their clothes. Maybe I’m too concentrated imagining them naked?
I can only tell one thing. Once I like someone, I probably like that man wearing any color. But it could be that I like him even more in some special color.
Anyway, I think it varies on the man.
Now I have the imagine of a man and I can say that I really like him when he wears blue. Any shade of blue always makes me happy but this particular blue, makes me smile really wide (when he’s wearing it).

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.59.19 AM

And that reminded me of a story.
Many years ago my cousin had a group of friends. Among them there was this guy, Eduardo. I had never, ever paid attention to him. Actually, I didn’t have any opinion on him. He was just ok. Blond, green eyes. Even though he was blond and where I come from blonds are rare, he never stood out. At least, I never noticed him.

One day I was visiting my cousin and all the gang showed up. I knew all of them because we all lived in the same area but we weren’t friends.
I say hi to everyone and then Eduardo approached me. I remember him as being VERY shy, even shier than me (I know many of you still don’t believe me when I say I’m shy).
He looked at me in the eyes. I started shaking and blushed from head to toe. Then he said: “I hope that my green t-shirt is not turning you off. You know what they say about green: ‘wear it when you don’t want anyone attracted to you'”.
And right there Eduardo passed from being invisible to being f#$king irresistible.
Yeah, it doesn’t take much for me to like someone.

And I have to admit that every time I see a man wearing that color (parrot green), I smile.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.12.39 AM

I was about to publish this post when I remembered something. My ex used to have a green shirt. The exact shade of green that always makes me smile but when I saw him wearing that shirt back in ’98 I told him: “Didn’t you know that green is a turn off?”
I hated that shirt with passion. Maybe it was the fabric. Maybe it reminded me of Eduardo. I have no idea why, but I hated it.
I think it was the ONLY piece of clothing that I ever said I didn’t like on him. I even cringed at the side of that shirt hanging in the closet.

Sorry to disappoint, dear men, but I can’t really say which color women like on you. But I’m sure that if you add a smile to any color you wear, you’ll look much better.

~ by DotedOn on June 14, 2016.

14 Responses to “658”

  1. I never thought about that, what colour I like on a man, good question, something to think about Edwardos sounds great to

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  2. Ah, I differ in that I’m always in tune with color, certainly on people. Whether it’s on men or women, my taste in colors of clothing are very much the same. Anything that’s not a “washed out” kind of pale or too muted (definitely beiges and lighter grays unless you have very dark skin), or overly flourescent and bright. I tend toward rich colors and certainly darker shades which look good on most people, like deeper blues, reds, greens and most definitely black. Many combos look good, too. A good example that looks great, especially on a man with dark hair, is black with white, like on Jim Caviezel in the last fight scene in “The Count of Monte Cristo, or what he wears when he steps out of the hot air balloon. The whole flowing cape look. Love that and long coats.

    Skin tone and hair color (and eye color) determines which colors are complementary on a person. I get the most annoyed when someone with red or auburn hair wears colors that clash because that color hair has very definite color to it, and I’ve never liked medium shades of brown hair with gray clothing.

    One thing I hate, regardless of what color or how good-looking a guy is, is a flaunting “look at me ’cause I’m amazing” type dressing or attitude. I hate strutting, flinging of hair, flirtation looks (unless it’s my boyfriend looking at me ;), and he looks so damn good in black–and almost anything but gray and beige), all that, and muscle tees for the sake of showing off the muscles. Anyway, I’m not sure there’s been a study on what colors women find attractive. I get the feeling it’s an individual thing?

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    • I’m laughing now, Donna! 😀 But you hit the key! It’s the attitude what I tend to see first. That’s why I don’t pay attention to the colors, I think. Then when I already know the man, I probably have my preferences.
      And you made me look for Jim Caviezel, I didn’t know him. He’s not my type but I must admit that he’s kind of hot 😀
      And the muscle tees!! hahahahahaha. I play Wordfeud with a man who always have a picture of him wearing what it would be the spaghetti straps version of top, but for a man. In real life I’d run away when I see that but getting to know the guy made me change my mind about him and his looks.
      I could put him in the top 5 of sweetest men I ever met!! I’m not really sure why they need to show their bodies as if they were trophies… I guess one day I’ll ask 😀
      And beige…. bleah!! 😀

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      • Ah, but Paola, women are CONstantly showing their bodies looking for sexual attention. Men do it, too, and it turns me off, not on lol

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      • It turns me off too!! 😀
        Like when men spend hours in the bathroom taking care of their looks. I like a man “manly”. I’m not sure if it’s a cultural thing.
        And I agree with my mom when she says something like: “men are going extinct” 😀


  3. Brown, blue, charcoal and gray tend to be the colors I get the most compliments in. Earthy tones. Green too, but an earthy green.. /shrug.


  4. I like a well-dressed man, and one who isn’t afraid of colour, any colour. I hate it when people wear neutrals all the time.


  5. You may not consciously be aware of it, but I think color has a larger impression than people realize. Probably my best asset is my blue eyes. Whenever I wear a blue shirt I get far more compliments than otherwise. It’s why I wear blue often.


    • Probably I don’t pay attention when I first see the person because now that you are saying this, I realize that when the eyes match the shirt color, it looks really good! 🙂
      I love blue eyes! 🙂

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