Thursday. First of all, I want to clarify something. Yesterday I wrote: “I had collected enough tubes of the effervescent tables I take”. I meant tablets, not tables. I can’t imagine myself taking tables… But being taken on tables, I can very well imagine that.
Thank you, Donna for pointing that out and letting my imagination go wild. That pretty much made my morning!

I mentioned last week that my mom is convinced that my ex wants to get back together and she’s not the only one thinking that.
My dear friend A thinks so too.
These are the screenshots of our conversation.







Carol Anne, I’ll transcript the conversation for you. I’m sorry I failed to do it other times.

me: I’m ok. Counting the days till the school ends. Then terrified, I’ll be going to Italy with my ex and the kids.
he: (shocked/surprised emojis)
me: Yes A… for my kids. And I hope I don’t regret it too deeply 🙂
he: wow. Might make a pass on you lol
me: He better doesn’t even think about it.
he: He might say for the kids! Or old time sake lol
me: A, if he says that, I’ll laugh and he’ll think I’m saying yes. Ugh 😀
he: lol
me: I’m not laughing yet!! 😀
he: lol
me: A, if things get bad, I’ll make you call and pretend you are my boyfriend.
he: hahaha. Are you going to his family?
me: NO WAY. He’ll have to drug me. We rented a house. Far away.
he: Hmmmm… with family he probably wouldn’t try it. But alone hmmmmm, that’s different.
me: A!! I want to sleep tonight, and all the other nights!
he: loool. Sorry.
me: Really, I’ll make you call and tell me dirty things so I can blush and he stays away!
he: haha
me: You’ll blush too because I’ll reply 😀
he: lol. When are you going?
me: Next week Friday.
he: (shocked/surprised emoji) wow. How long?
me: 9 or 10 days.
he: Nice. Don’t be flashing any skin. No legs. No boobs. No arms. Or better still, don’t shave. Let nature grow lol. That will put him off.
me: nice advice A :D. But it’s too late. I can’t grow a jungle in one week.
he: lol. girls week. Wear old lady’s underwear loool
me: I threw all the beige away, years ago!! I only have happy panties!!
he: Shiiiiiiiit. Best going shopping haha. Special occasion looool
me: hahahahahaha 😀 I’ll get pepper spray, not going back to beige.
he: I bet beige suits you as well lol. Pepper spray will work. Jokes aside, I hope you enjoy yourself.
me: Thank you, A!!! No, beige is awful!!!
he: Which is worse, green of beige??? Lol.

My friend Pia is also concerned about me going with my ex. She knows I don’t want him but she thinks that his parents will make a surprise appearance there.
I was clear with my ex and said: “I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOUR PARENTS”
he: “They invited us”
me: “If you want to go, you go. I’m not going and I hope you don’t tell them where we’ll be”.

If he tells the parents where we are or something like that, I believe the police will be involved too.

I really hope everything goes smoothly. I accepted going with him because my kids didn’t want to go to their grandparents and my ex can’t manage five kids by himself.
To be honest, it’s not easy. I don’t think I could do it. When I’m alone with them and we are out, I get very stressed. Every time one of them needs to go to the bathroom I panic. I don’t like to let them go alone and I can’t go with them to the men’s toilet and they are too old to come with me to the ladies’ one.
I’m glad now that my oldest son is old enough to help but a few years ago when my youngest son was a baby and the others were still very young, it was really difficult. I don’t trust anyone and I look really paranoid when I wait for them outside.
I give them instructions before going in.
And when they get out, the interrogation comes.
Was someone there? Did anyone say anything? Did anyone touch you?

Maybe I’m crazy but in the way things are going on now in this world, I don’t think I’m being over protective.

~ by DotedOn on June 16, 2016.

8 Responses to “660”

  1. Yikes! Be careful!

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  2. It’s hard not to be over-protective in this horrid world, but 5 kids is a lot to handle all at once, especially in public. I get the whole bathroom thing, but if you’re waiting outside, if he takes more than a few minutes you can somehow check or have someone else check 🙂

    And how were you able to post your text message like that?

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    • Yes, I’m terrified. I start calling them if they take too long. 🙂
      Those are screenshots I took from my iPod. Then I transferred them to the computer and uploaded them as pictures.


  3. I like the idea of all the unflattering things A suggested. That’s some funny stuff. Another idea, sleep in the same bed as one of the kids or lock the door.. oh, and you can invest in hairy leggings… seriously, look it up, it’s a thing.

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