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Monday. This morning I went to my son’s kindergarten to help finish the puppets and the chimes. When I got there, someone else was helping with the chimes so I had all the time to finish the puppets.
Last Friday I said to the teacher that I was going to take the puppets home and paint the faces myself. There was no way I was doing any painting again with the kids.
Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon painting the faces and dressing up my puppet so I could show it to the kids.

I used crepe paper for mine and I hoped the kids wanted to use paper too.


But of course not. Four of the girls wanted fabric and one said she wanted to paint the puppet. I smiled wide and I said: “MAYBE later” thinking that later was going to be one day when I wasn’t there.

My grandma taught me how to sew when I was 4 so I thought it was something that anyone could do. I was wrong. Kids younger than 8 have great difficulties sewing (and I’m being very generous there because some 15 years old can’t do it either). I learned my lesson years ago while helping at the other school and avoided the sewing as much as I could.
So today I had to do all the sewing. I don’t mind sewing but I wasn’t prepared for that. The needles they had had a rounded point and the fabric that the kids chose were almost tapestry thick.
So the needle didn’t perforate the fabric and something that usually takes 10 minutes, it costed me half an hour.
And when I thought I had the first dress ready, I realized I had sewn it on the wrong puppet and had to do it again because I couldn’t convince the girl to take the other fabric. Some of the kids heard me saying “f#$k the f#$king f#$k”. Why everything has to be so frustrating sometimes?

Then it was time to put the hair. The teacher told me they had A LOT of wool and yarn. Maybe they do but it was nowhere to be found so we had to use embroidery thread. I’m not sure if you are familiar with that but the thread comes like it’s shown on the picture below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 12.48.00 PM

And if that wasn’t challenging enough, the girls wanted the hair with different colors.

I don’t want to be mean or anything. I just want to say what I thought last week and today.
I think there are three kind of women (girls) and the character is already developed by the age of 3.
I can already tell how the five girls who worked with me will be when they grow up.

There is one group who won’t listen to what you say and then when you finished talking, they will want to be the first ones who get the help and if they are not getting the help right away, they’ll ask you 25 times per minute “when are you going to help me?”

The second group will pay attention (or pretend that they are paying attention) and then they will stare at you waiting for you to help them because they are terrified of doing something by themselves.

The third group will pay attention and will start doing what has been told with total confidence and rarely will ask for help.

I’m not sure now what kind of woman a man wants but if I were a man, I would try to find one who belongs to the third group.
My daughter belongs to the third group but she comes with some obstacles. She’s more stubborn than me, doesn’t listen and won’t admit when she’s wrong. Pretty much like me but I do listen because I need to learn. She thinks she knows it all.

So you can tell that there are some sub-groups too. Sorry dear men, I thought that finding a good man was hard, but I guess that to find a good woman is not easy either.

After three long hours of hard work, that’s how some of the puppets looked when finished.


~ by DotedOn on June 20, 2016.

15 Responses to “664”

  1. So funny because my daughter and I were talking about how we would love to have a career in fashion but neither of us could sew…and that’s with or without a machine!! Also funny about the personality types for the girls. A lot of girls are brats I think but they get better when they are adults. The dolls look great by the way!

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  2. Great job…you did good!

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  3. great job! not easy working with a bunch of preschoolers. Glad you enjoyed the activity though. xx

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  4. I LOVE these puppets! 😀 And Paola—you couldn’t use a glue gun instead of having to sew? :-\

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    • Thank you, Donna! 🙂
      I didn’t even ask for a glue gun. Last week when the teacher handed me the scissors she said: “Don’t let the kids use them if you are not watching”. I was a bit surprised since those freaking scissors DO NOT CUT :D… I forgot to mention that!!
      All the kids stand around me while I do things and I think that a glue gun is too dangerous… You know, as soon as you lay it on the table for one second, some kid could pick it up 🙂
      Those kids get wild when they sense some freedom 😀

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  5. yeah, if they’re not going to listen to “don’t touch!” :-\

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  6. Alright.. I just got to say, the finished products look ok, but that first picture.. those are some nightmare inducing things. And as for the girl groups… I prefer the third (raised one in the third category if I say so myself). I believe many men fit into a similar category, maybe a bit different, but general enough that we would.
    And I think I would have strung a few of those kids up… just for good measure. Just saying.

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    • The puppets were creepy. All puppets are, right? 😀
      You are right, also men fit in similar categories. Ugh 😀
      I always say, not everyone is made to work with kids… I can barely take care of mine. 🙂

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