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Tuesday. O summer, where art thou? For sure, not here. My friends in Arizona keep it hostage, I think.

School ends tomorrow and we are traveling to Italy on Friday. I still haven’t done much. The only thing I did was to get some food for the trip.
I called my mom and she was horrified that I still don’t have anything ready. I said I got things for the trip, a lot of candy and soda.
She said: “Yes, get a lot of that, don’t let the asshole fall asleep while driving”.
My mom is PISSED at my ex, as you can tell.
A couple of times I had to get the steering wheel because he fell asleep. He still doesn’t understand how stressed I am when I’m in the car with him. I pay attention to everything around and I’m constantly watching if his eyes are still open. If I see that he’s falling asleep, I start giving him things with sugar and begging for him to stop and take a nap.

Yesterday when he came to pick my kids he asked: “Did you write down the rules?”
“No, I didn’t have the time and I don’t think I will have the time either. We’ll discuss the rules on the way”
And just as we were talking about that, we heard:
“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHRRRGGGGGG, who the f#$k peed standing?” that was my daughter shouting from the bathroom.
One of my sons said: “I did!”
I said to my son: “You can pee standing as long as IT’S NOT HERE. We girls sit down and it’s DISGUSTING to feel pee drops on our legs”
Then to my surprise I heard my oldest son saying: “It’s also disgusting to step on them”.
I could vomit right there. There is NO WAY I walk bare feet anywhere. The two exceptions are: the beach (if the sand is perfectly clean) and in my mother’s house (because it’s cleaner than an operating room).
So I went on telling my son that while he lives in my house, he has to sit down to pee and if he doesn’t want to do that, he better clean every time he pees so I never find out that he peed standing.

I know, I’m awful but try to live with 4 boys. It’s the same as when I was still living with my ex. They have this thing of holding the pee for hours and then when they do it, it goes with the power of a rocket and either bounces back and you get freaking pee all around or it’s too difficult to aim and you get pee all around anyway.
Why do I have to endure that?

After a while my ex said again: “You should write down the rules”.
“Ok, here are a few rules:
1) I take the room with 2 single beds to share with Tei (my daughter).
2) I take one of the bathrooms and you can have the other one. You know what that means? You can pee standing if you wish.”

I don’t think he found that so funny. I don’t give a shit. I’m not cleaning the bathroom every time they go to pee.


~ by DotedOn on June 21, 2016.

8 Responses to “665”

  1. Oh yeah, I know it’s kind of embarrassing but when i taught my son to pee I taught him to pee sitting down and he still does to this day. I think he would have trouble peeing standing up at this point. It might be a problem for him later in life but I have no problem with it at all! Ha, ha! My husband used to pee on the seat and I would clean early in the morning when he was still sleeping. A couple of times I got so aggravated I woke him up to clean the toilet. Now he rarely makes a mess.

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  2. nothing worse than stepping on pee or sitting on it! yuck. Enjoy Italy. xx

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  3. I just.. just.. I … nope. I got nothing.

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