665 + 1

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Wednesday. Yesterday I decided to put some gas in my ex’s car because I wanted to use it to meet a friend. Since I have only one seat for kids and my daughter wanted to come along, I said to my older kids that they had to look after the younger brothers.
I wanted to do everything quick while Germany was still playing the match for the Euro Cup so I could avoid all traffic and be back soon.
I think I took 8 minutes, maybe less. When I got home, I hung the keys and asked: “Where is Stefano?”
Stefano was nowhere to be seen. I started shouting and panicking. All my kids went out to look for him. I could barely breath and started walking to the police station. While I was walking there, my oldest son shouted me that he had found it. He said it was a few streets ahead with some people who had found him on the main road.
Apparently, he followed me when I left. I asked to my oldest son why Stefano wasn’t with him and he said: “They called the police and they are waiting for you”.
I realized that the police station is open only until 5pm and later they are found at another station in the main town.
I feared the worst. I left my kids alone, my youngest son escaped and now the police was going to file a report and I could lose the possession of my kids.
I was shaking while I was approaching the people who had Stefano.
When I was a few steps away, the woman let Stefano come to me. I introduced myself and she said: “We found him at the street light. We think he was waiting for the light to turn green to cross “.
My heart almost stopped. That’s far away and the main road is pretty dangerous.
A couple of minutes later the police got there. The woman said to them : “The mom found us”, so the policemen didn’t even leave the car, they just said: “That’s great. And we are glad you called just when the match had finished”.
We all laughed. Then I thanked the policemen and the two couples. One couple found Stefano but they didn’t have a phone so they stopped another couple to borrow a phone to call the police.

I was shaking for several hours. All I can say it’s that I was really lucky.
And maybe that I suck as a mother too.

~ by DotedOn on June 22, 2016.

17 Responses to “665 + 1”

  1. These things happen. Glad everything turned out for the best!

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  2. That’s like a scene out of a horror story. I’m glad everything turned out ok for you. I’d still be shaking (probably one of my kids).

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  3. Glad he’s okay

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  4. Thank God the timing all worked out. It made for a happy scenario! God was watching over you, or at least angels were helping out so your mistake was a short-lived one. Honestly, it sounds like a super spacey moment where you had too much on your mind and you somehow blocked out that you had taken him with you in the first place. This is scary, but maybe it’ll be a lesson learned that maybe, sometimes, it’s important not to be rushing? I don’t know :-\

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    • I feel SO overwhelmed! I have nobody here and when my kids don’t listen or help, I get so discourage. It makes me feel so alone. I know they are young but, come one! A little empathy. It’s like having five times my ex sometimes. (You know that feeling when you are telling something to someone and they are not listening and put a face like saying: “Just shut up”. Ugh… They’ll learn eventually but I can’t wait until they have their own kids, I need the action now! 🙂

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      • 5 kids is a lot, especially when it’s one parent and you don’t have the help you need 😦 You have quite a few years to go before they are all independent and grown enough :-\ Meanwhile I hope you’re able, especially when you’re rushing and stressed, to either leave them all home, or tether the little one to you! 😀

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      • I wish I could take him everywhere but that’s not possible. If I go grocery shopping, I need all the room on my bicycle to carry the stuff… Or I have to go several times! 🙂


  5. Don’t stress about it. When my son was 2 (yes 2!) he took a broomstick and popped the hook lock we had on our back door. He then proceeded to the back yard where he somehow opened the latch on the gate, proceeded down the alley, rounded the corner, and ran toward a busy street. Did I mention that he shucked his clothes in the yard! He was returned by a neighbor. All this while we had our backs turned for about 3 minutes.

    Give it about a decade and this moment of horror (and the accompanying feeling of parental failure) will morph into a funny story.

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    • Thank you, Mike 🙂
      Kids have their own heads and some are explorers (or climbers, or escapists). And that’s very nice and I love it. But being the parent of those kids, it’s SO F#$KING HARD! 😀
      Both my siblings have kids and those kids are the “parents’ dreams”. Easy to handle and all.
      But to be honest, I was like my kids when I was young so, what can I expect? 🙂


  6. LOL!B You not using 666!

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