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Friday. I’m still stressed. I wish one time I could go on holidays without having to stress so much.
I got a bit of help from my kids and I could manage to mow the lawn before the storm. I’m really happy about that.
Today I should finish packing and cleaning a bit so I don’t faint when we get back. Rarely I manage to do it but I always try.

And IT’S FRIDAY, I’M IN LOVE but I don’t have time to find a song. I guess the perfect one for today would be: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.
So, I’ll try not to worry, and just be happy.

~ by DotedOn on June 24, 2016.

15 Responses to “668”

  1. Good luck! Will you be blogging from your vacation?

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  2. I hope you can do that and ENJOY your vacation! 😀 Safe travels, you guys!

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  3. Have a wonderful time. It’s well deserved.

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  4. Don’t worry, be happy. Great song.

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  5. That’s why I don’t do vacation!

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