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Friday. Yesterday we decided to go to Florence. The plan was to be back around 8pm but we got LOST. The GPS kept sending us to the wrong places, like streets were you couldn’t circulate during weekdays or that were cut due to maintenance.
Then we thought we could get out of the city going any direction and then find an alternative route but we got into a mountain/hill where you could go only up.
We took almost 2.5 hours to leave the area. I have to admit that the view was astounding and I enjoyed the sunset very much.
Then it was too late and we thought it was a good plan to get dinner on the way but mostly everything was closed except for a little kebab place. Fine with me, I love falafel.

When we got home we saw that some lights inside the house were on. My ex asked me if I had left them on on purpose. I said I was sure I had turned EVERYTHING off but it could be that maybe I forgot the one on the stairs. I said that because we could see light through the blinds in both floors.
Then my ex opened the door and we found ALL the lights on and he said: “Shit, someone was in the house”.
I started shaking. Many years ago someone tried to break in my house and they put a gun on my stomach. I fought the thief saying I wasn’t going to let him in until he said: “Ok, let me out”.
When I realized what I had done I got so scared that I didn’t leave the house for days and I’m terrified till the day.
Yesterday all those memories came back.

We started searching what was missing and how they had broken in. They may have entered through the balcony in my bedroom. They took everything from the closets and drawers out and threw it on the floor and bed but they didn’t take anything from me or the kids.
I had my computer and all the important stuff with me and only had left the chargers on the bed but they were still there.
My ex wasn’t so lucky. They took his work computer, cables, chargers, some usb sticks with important information, notebooks with his work in them, his credit card and bank card.
So instead of going to bed around midnight when we got home, we had to stay talking to the Carabinieri (sort of Italian police) until very late.
While my ex was blocking the cards I went upstairs with the Carabinieri to show what they had done and I said: “I’m terrified to open that door (bathroom) because I’m not sure if they are still there”.
One of them said: “Let’s hope they are there so we can take them down”. I had to laugh.

I didn’t sleep well and I’m still shaking. It’s such a shame that these things happen when you go on vacation and try to relax.

I tried to sneak a picture of the Carabinieri checking the windows. One of them had a huge weapon behind his back but you can’t really see it. I’m sorry it’s a bad picture, I didn’t want to get caught.



~ by DotedOn on July 1, 2016.

19 Responses to “675”

  1. Oh goodness! What a horrible thing to happen to you on vacation! I’m glad they didn’t take everything!

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  2. Oh, my God, Paola 😦 😦 😦 It’s hard to even know what to say except that you weren’t home when they broke in. I’m glad they didn’t get anything important of yours, but I feel SO bad for your ex! This is not easy to bounce back from, but I do hope it doesn’t ruin what’s left of your vacation 😦 Just glad you’re all OK oxox

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  3. That’s beyond scary! I’m just glad everyone is ok.

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  4. omg paola i’m so sorry this happened. i’d be terrified too. i’m glad you had nothing taken from you or the kids. your ex must be mad though that all his important things were taken. xxx

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  5. OH!
    WTF! They knew you guys were tourist didn’t they?
    It was planned from the get go?

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  6. I feel bad for your ex, my biggest fear would be losing passwords personal information, bank statements on a USB. I think it’s absolutely disgusting Banks no longer send statements through the Post, appalling and unsecure, what makes me mad is they call it convenience, I call it them saving money!

    Hopefully your children will recover, maybe it’s a hard lesson to take forward into their lives, you know that you have to be careful because there’s nasty people out there. XX

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    • I felt terrible for him too! He lost A LOT of very important information that could really harm him if someone with bad intentions gets it.
      I didn’t know what to say to him to calm him down. I just said that probably the thieves format the USB sticks and hard disk and sell them in some local black market. I really hope it’s that way.

      I don’t love the guy anymore but I don’t want anything bad to happen (unless it’s me the one kicking his balls!) πŸ˜€

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  7. The Carabinieri are nothing to mess with. They carry automatic rifles and military grade weapons. Sorry that happened to you. 😦

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