Monday. On Saturday we decided to go to the beach. After that we went to the supermarket to get everything we needed for the trip back. The plan was to leave today (Monday).
While I was getting the kids out of the car, my ex decided to bring the groceries to the house. My ex used to park the car on the foothill behind the fence and we went up walking because driving backwards downhill every time we went out, was terrifying.
When I got to the house I saw him in front of the door. He was pale and all the bags were on the floor.
I asked: “What?” but I kind of knew the answer.
“Did you leave the window open?”
“No, after they broke in I didn’t dare to go to the living room”
“They broke in again, look… And I think they are still inside”
“Call the police… I’m not going in”
So he called the police and the guys who were taking care of the house. He said to my oldest son: “If they come out, I want them dead”
We had sticks and stones in our hands. I was so mad that if I had them in front of me, I would have beaten them to death. The psychological damage they did to my kids is unforgivable.

A few minutes later one of the guys in charge of the house got there. He couldn’t believe it either and he called the police too.
We were waiting for the police for over one hour (with sticks and stones in hour hands).
I went to my ex and said: “We are leaving as soon as we pack”.

The Carabinieri got there and checked the house. Nothing seemed to be missing. My ex went to file a report to the police station because they were about to close and I said to the guys who were taking care of the house (two at that time): “Don’t you dare to leave us alone. If you want to watch the match (Italy-Germany), you can do it here, you just don’t leave”.
One of them had to go but the other one stayed.
Meanwhile I cooked and got everything ready for the trip. It was over 10pm and my kids were terrified and starving.
When my ex got back we had dinner and I said: “I need to take a real quick shower, I can’t leave with the sea and sand on me”.
He was MAD because he spent almost 2 hours at the police station. Then he was mad because he said it was useless to leave so late, that it was better to go to sleep and leave very early.
I said: “Do you think that any of us will sleep knowing that the window can’t be closed?”
He was silent and I added: “The kids want to leave, they are terrified”.
He understood what I meant and went to the guy and said: “We are leaving soon”
The guy offered us to stay at the house were they were staying. We declined because it was almost midnight and if we planned to leave before 5am it meant loading the car twice and getting the kids ready to sleep and ready again in a few hours.

So I went to take a shower. When I wanted to dress up I discovered that my running shoes were missing… Also my oldest son’s shoes.
I got downstairs and I said: “They took our shoes!”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t report that”
“Never mind… I wish they put them on and break both legs. The f#$kers deserve that and more”.

So we left around 1am.

In the beginning I suspected of the guys taking care of the house but when they broke in the second time, it was just impossible. One of them was out of town, the other one was working and the third one didn’t even know how to open the door of the house. They were mortified and told us that a few days before they broke in the first time, they found a tall blond guy walking on the path that connected both houses so they went to him and asked what he was doing there. The man replied: “I’m visiting the people on the other house”. So the guys said: “OK”. And then they realized that it was a lie because the guy instead of going to the fence and open it, he jumped over it. They told that to the police.

We think that the thieves went back to get what they knew we had. They took several chargers so probably they went for the devices. They continued what they had started. They didn’t touch what they had opened or checked the first time. They didn’t find anything of value so they took the only thing that was laying on the floor, our shoes.

I’m still shaking my head. It’s such a shame. Italy is beautiful. Tuscany is breathtaking but if I have to give an advice to someone going there, I would say: “Take only your credit card and stick it up your ass because nothing seems to be safe”. Next time I tell you what we saw when we visited Pisa.

I’m sorry about the nice people and I’m sorry that there is always that bunch of mother f#$kers ruining it for the rest of us.

When we said goodbye to the guy taking care of the house he said: “Don’t worry, if we catch them, we’ll be sure to give them your regards”.


~ by DotedOn on July 4, 2016.

11 Responses to “678”

  1. I have to say that I wish the “you having to spend time with your ex” would’ve been the worst part of your vacation, Paola, because it pales in comparison 😦 I just feel so bad for all of you 😦 😦 😦 BIG hugs oxox

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  2. Oh gosh, terrible thing to happen on your vacation. People are such scum. I can’t believe they took your running shoes. How low can you go?

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  3. OH! Good grief!

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  4. Oh man! I’m so pissed FOR you! Scumbags.

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  5. the fuckers! I cant believe that they would try a second time. what assholes! glad you are safe and you decided to leave. you did the right thing. I wouldn’t have stayed there either. xx

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