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Tuesday. The weather here sucks! I went to the supermarket this morning and froze my ass off. It was sunny and the app said 18ºC/64.5ºF so I thought I could wear a skirt and flip flops. After two minutes the sky turned black and the wind started to blow heavily. I do miss the Italian sun.

I said yesterday I was going to write about what I saw the day we went to Pisa. And please remember I don’t mean to offend anyone.

We parked the car in a designated area about 10 minutes away from the tower. There was a person at the entrance of the parking place and my ex went to ask how much it costed to leave the car there: “The parking is free and nobody will watch your car so DON’T LEAVE ANYTHING inside because there are …. (not a nice word used by the woman) who very seldom steal what they see”.
So we took everything important and hid what could give thieves the temptation to break in the car. Like cables and chargers and those USB things that you plug in the cigarette lighter hole.
We got to the area where the souvenirs shops started to appear and after walking for one minute we heard some oriental man shouting desperately (no idea what he said).
We saw two oriental men fighting 4 girls. The girls were for sure less than 20 years old.
We looked closer and we understood what was happening. One of the girls had taken the wallet from one of the oriental man’s belly bag. That man was holding two of the girls by their arms. The second man was shouting at a huge group of oriental men who were walking ahead and the other two girls were telling (not in Italian) something to the girls who were being held by the man who had been robbed.
At the same time, the huge group of oriental men started running towards where everything was happening so one of the girls released the wallet and asked the man to let them go.
Someone from behind shouted: “Check money, check money”, so the guy opened the wallet and checked inside.
He then said: “Ok, ok” looking at the huge group approaching.
It was a scary thing to see. I can’t imagine what would have happened if the money was missing. I’m not sure if the men were going to beat up the girls… If so, I would have helped for sure.

All that happened in less than 20 seconds and it served me to tell my kids: “Don’t you ever lose sight of your bag and if possible hang the backpack on the front or turn it around so the zipper and pocket are behind your back and it won’t be so easy for thieves to reach”.
Thieves are everywhere and they are targeting tourists because they know that many of those tourists will be distracted watching whatever new thing is around.

Many years ago we were watching a program about traveling. The host woman of the show was shooting a video in a tram in Amsterdam. The tram was full and the woman was talking about the museums and things to do while a guy was taking things from her backpack while she was being filmed. She or the person filming didn’t realized what was happening. She found out she was robbed hours later and days later someone editing the video saw the thief taking the stuff from her backpack.

When I first moved to the small town in Holland where I used to live, I remember that people used to go out, sit on the terraces in front of the church square and leave their bags on a chair unattended. I come from Buenos Aires. You learn by the age of 1 that you can’t leave your bag unattended. I was shocked and had mixed feelings. I didn’t know what to think. “How nice! This place is so safe” or “Stupid people they are tempting the thieves”.

We have a saying in Spanish: “La ocasión hace al ladrón” and it translates “The opportunity makes the thief”. Ugh.

And if you wonder if you can still leave your bag on a chair… NO! Unless you want it to be stolen.
I have no idea what inspires people to steal. I only justify a stolen kiss. Or a stolen heart if it doesn’t end up broken.


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20 Responses to “679”

  1. Wow, I’m surprised that Europe is such a high crime area…not sure why. NY is a bit like that…if you leave something somewhere it will be gone in a NY minute!!

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  2. It pretty much doesn’t matter where you live, I think—there will always be thieves around. You just don’t know where or when and who they’re targeting 😦 What a world. What a world 😦

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  3. Thieves everywhere!

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  4. I don’t know why people steal, either. I hope that the weather has improved!

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  5. I live in the suburbs in Los Angeles and leave my bag anywhere. When I’m in a coffee house, it’s not unusual to see someone sitting outside to leave their laptop to place an order or go to the restroom. I don’t know why my area is so much safer than the rest of the city, but I’m grateful it is.

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    • People can do that in our B&N cafe, though you’re still taking a chance. When there are a lot of people sitting at the tables and if you’re in the area that’s near the cafe counter, if you’re a regular especially, you feel a bit “safer” ’cause there are eyes all around that would notice if someone approached your stuff. But people have stolen laptops, etc. that way, too. My wallet was stolen when I was younger, out of my open purse which was in the “seat” part of my shopping cart and i turned to look at the meat in the fridge 😦 People suck ’cause they care more about themselves than others, regardless of the reason 😦

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    • You are very lucky! Just remember not to do it anywhere else 🙂

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  6. wow Paola this trip to Italy was full of thieves and stealing things! Hope its a long time before you have to go through and witness anything like that happening again. I don’t know how people who steal can live with themselves. xxx

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  7. Love that last line. Stolen heart or stolen kiss.

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