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Wednesday. It’s hard to get back to reality. Or normality. Or how things were because everything looks different and I wonder how that can be possible after an absence of only 8 days.
Maybe it’s because the school finished and I feel a bit lost to be out of the rhythm I hate so much. Maybe it’s because I’m still like a young child who according my mom, needs some structure.
I hate structure. I hate rules. But I hate even more feeling lost. I don’t know where to start. I miss my kids but I’m already stressed because they will be here soon. This is not good. I hope it’s only the hormones playing tricks on me.

I just read a quote: “Reality is the leading cause of stress among those in touch with it”. I totally agree.

"What basically happens is your hormones get out of whack. Because of the stress in your life your body says: 'I need more hormones'. So, your hormones are trying to produce and produce and produce, and it's even more stressful and it is this wicked cycle."

“What basically happens is your hormones get out of whack. Because of the stress in your life your body says: ‘I need more hormones’. So, your hormones are trying to produce and produce and produce, and it’s even more stressful and it is this wicked cycle.”

"The more you worry, the more you throw off the delicate balance of hormones required for health."

“The more you worry, the more you throw off the delicate balance of hormones required for health.”

So you see? It’s all connected. I guess the best way to deal with this crap is to avoid reality. That way you avoid stress. That way your hormones won’t play stupid tricks on you. And that way, you (and for sure everyone around) will be happier.

Escaping to Dreamland now. Who knows, maybe I’ll meet Elvis and he’ll sing for me. Maybe the elves come and clean my house. Maybe My Prince knocks on my door.
And if all of the above fails I can always think of the hormones as the “whore moans” and bitch at that awful bitch until I get tired of it.


~ by DotedOn on July 6, 2016.

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  1. Yep, they’re talking about cortisol and the “out of whack” is adrenal fatigue šŸ˜¦ The body is an extraordinarily complex thing and once certain things get “out of whack” the dominoes start falling šŸ˜¦

    It’s good to escape reality—we actually need to—but completely ignoring it only makes it scream even louder till it gets your attention :-\

    I don’t know what kind of discussions you’ve all been having ever since this happened, but if you haven’t, maybe you all need to powwow about it and figure out things to try to handle it and get back to a more normal frame of mind. It’s going to take time and distance, too, and that can’t be rushed, but maybe there are things you can do to help. I know it’s difficult, but somehow you need to be like Mayor Giuliani after 9/11, basically not allowing the terrorists to succeed in damaging our way of life. Of course, the threat is always underlying, but as with anything else in life that damages us, we have to find ways to NOT give them/it that kind of power over us. WE must have the power to give them “the finger” and say “You are NOT gonna win!”

    It’s not easy, but it’s an approach oxoxox

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    • I can’t let the domino fall! Something will have to change, I’m not sure what šŸ™‚

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      • When we lead stress-filled lives, it’s VERY hard to figure out how to allow our bodies to truly relax. Plus sleep is really important as far as getting enough and at the right time (not being a night owl, which I am) to help keep cortisol in check. It’s all a balancing act and one I still haven’t gotten under control. I hope you can!

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      • Sleep and I are not compatible šŸ˜€
        I wish I could live without sleep, it’s such a waste of time! I don’t sleep well and these past days I didn’t even eat well… Plus all the stress. This is not the way to go! šŸ™‚

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      • lol, you sound just like me! Most of my life I’ve been saying I wish I didn’t have to sleep because I hate the “wasted time” with SO many things I want and need to do in life. I still feel that way, only I now know, whether we like it or not, sleep is necessary. Our bodies were designed to operate a certain way. We need proper sleep to allow our brains to produce all the hormones, etc. that keep our bodies balanced and to repair. When we don’t do this, WE start the “out of whack” ball rolling. Your body is already suffering for it, but you’re still young enough to not feel the damage yet—you can still “function” on less sleep, but it’s as you get older that the damage will show more. Trust me on this! Somehow try to allow yourself to shut down at night in order to get the rest your body REQUIRES. I’m still trying, but I’m much older than you are and my body is showing me—very clearly—how I was wrong to neglect it this way šŸ˜¦

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      • You have no idea how hard I try! Some days I even push myself to keep my eyes closed and not even check the time. I try breathing exercises and whatever people say that works. I still would love not needing any sleep at all šŸ˜€
        And another thing I’m not happy about is to live in a world ruled by morning people. I wish I could build a night school for kids, that would solve some of my problems… but probably f#$ked up my kids even more šŸ˜€

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      • LOL… yes, it would!

        And I can tell you this—the rare times I’ve been able to fall asleep by 10 or 11pm, I wake up very early naturally and actually feel more refreshed, and the very real fact of the matter is that when I wake up early, I get more accomplished in every possible way than when I push and do stuff late at night. I also lose weight more easily because the proper hormones are being released. This is all fact, Paola :-\

        Though I WISH I could burn the candle at both ends, the truth is I must continue trying to fip my “quiet” hours to the early morning hours AFTER sleep, not before. My life actually becomes more productive. It’s proven itself to me, yet I still am having trouble getting to bed early enough. I need to be truly exhausted so my body doesn’t fight going to sleep, but then once it happens, I have to KEEP doing it. Big lifestyle change. So difficult *sigh*

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      • I’m still much more productive at night. I truly can’t open my eyes or function until 11am šŸ˜€
        And when I go to sleep early, I wake around 1am and stay staring at the ceiling until 4 or 5. I keep trying though, it’s not easy šŸ™‚
        That’s why I hate school so much, I always did šŸ˜€

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      • yep, I totally get this, but your’e more productive ’cause you’ve gotten your “second wind” which is what starts the “invisible” adrenal fatigue. Also, the reason you can’t function till 11am is due to the late nights. This is a cycle you (we) CREATED, it’s not what your body truly wants. And if you try again to go to bed early and wake up at 1am or whenever, don’t lay there forcing yourself to try to sleep when you can’t. Get up and make THAT your productive time. Eventually your body will start acclimating to the shift and things should normalize a bit more. I know this, but am still having trouble forcing myself to end my days early. I am still trying and won’t stop because I know how critical it is to the quality of my health AND life and what I can accomplish.

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      • The only time when I’m productive in the morning is when I change timezone to 4 hours earlier šŸ˜€
        It’s this way since I was born. I used to live with my grandma during the week and my parents on weekends… And even then they had to take turns because I constantly needed stimulation and very little sleep. Not much changed since then šŸ˜€
        I can easily live with 5 or 6 hours sleep but I need them to be uninterrupted. That happened only 4 times since February 2012. I’m exhausted! (And yes, I’m counting, it’s so easy to keep track šŸ˜€ )
        I can’t get up before my 5 hours, otherwise I would. I have people asking me how I can function, I have no idea! I only know that when my kids are not here, I stay in bed until I really can’t sleep anymore. At 7am is when I sleep the best and that’s mostly when the stupid alarm goes off.
        I hope I can recover now. I still have 4 weeks to do it. And then 10.5 months to mess all up again šŸ™‚
        I’m lucky I don’t get black circles around my eyes so easily šŸ™‚

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  2. It’s hard to adjust to reality after a vacation and especially one that turned out the way yours did. Hoping you feel better soon.

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  3. I love the ending line. so funny. I hope your hormones settle down soon. xxx

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  5. Old joke… bad joke.. but, you know how to make a hormone? Don’t pay her (it’s best said out loud).

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