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Monday. I’m SO frustrated that I’m shaking. I HATE dealing with customer services in this country. I think it’s this way, they see my phone number on the display and they check my info: “This person doesn’t speak German, let her call again and again and see how long does it take for her to get tired and forget about it”.
I can’t f#$king believe that nobody speaks English because it’s compulsory at school since many, many years.

I spent one hour calling and waiting on the line just to hear: “Nein, nur Deutsch” (No, only German).
On the seventh call I got a woman who tried to help me half in English half in German. When I almost had the problem explained and she was telling me what to do, the communication stopped and I started listening to a recording asking me how I would rate from 0 to 10 the service and the person who helped me. The girl was ok so she got a 6. The service got a f#$king 0. I’m PISSED.
So I called again and I got a sucker who said again: “Nein, nur Deutsch”, so I replied in German: “One moment, please” and I went fuming to my son and said: “Talk to him, tell him the f#$king connection is not working for 10 days and that every time I call they don’t help me or hang up”.
My son started explaining and I heard him saying: “For the past 10 days we have a shitty connection” and then the guy interrupted him asking: “Did you call 3 minutes ago?” so my son asked me if I had called and I said I did but then the communication failed and I don’t know what I have to do.
Apparently, I have to wait. He said they are talking with the technical department and see if they can help me. This is so frustrating.

Any other thing I would probably say: “F@#k it” and let go… But we are talking about MY internet connection. The only thing I have to communicate with my friends and family.
That’s on the top 5 of things I can’t live without. Please, don’t ask me the other 4 because I’ll have to think the answers.


~ by DotedOn on July 11, 2016.

14 Responses to “685”

  1. Customer service just seems to be going down the tubes lately! Remember the day when the customer was always right? I can only imagine how bad it can be when you’re dealing with a language barrier as well!

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  2. Yikes, and I thought customer service was bad when we speak the same language. This sounds like a nightmare.

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    • It’s a nightmare and really frustrating. At one point I had my eyes full of tears and I was sobbing, I wanted to say: “f#$k you” to the sucker but the words didn’t come out. Then I thought: “why should I let this guy ruin my day?”… I have no idea why but I couldn’t avoid it… So a bit alter I kind of cursed all of them 😀


  3. I think a lot of customer service (not all, occasionally things actually go right) can be a problem anywhere. I know that here, SO many customer service issues are handled outside the country, like India, etc. and though they speak English, accents can often be SO thick, it’s nearly impossible to understand them 😦 They are VERY wrong, though, to only speak German through Customer Service if English is commonly spoken there 😦 I hope they fix it!

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    • They refuse to speak English! It’s so frustrating! I worked in a call center for several years. You always have the agents who will do whatever to help you and the ones who don’t give a f#$k. I just thought that I could keep calling until I got someone with a heart but I was wrong. Only one girl tried to help but I guess she did it because she could see how many times I called before and was afraid to get in trouble.
      I hope they fix it too. 🙂


  4. I think you need to learn how to say “f#$k you” in German. It may get you disconnected, but it will probably be worth it.

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  5. I think that’s shitty that you had to go through that much frustration. But I would have been like you, I cant live without my internet. xx

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  6. Fick dich, Verbraucher-Service!

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  7. You know me well enough to know I HAVE to do this…. what are the other 4?

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