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Thursday. We just got a new modem from the internet company. They think the modem was the problem and not the connection. Let’s see if it’s true.
My son asked me if we could hang it instead of leaving it as it was before (on a plank in front of the window). I said: “If you drill the holes, of course!”. So he did it and when he was finishing I said: “Now that you have the machine, could you also help me hang the spice rack?” “I don’t like you” “I know. I don’t like myself sometimes either”.
He helped me and now I have two things hanging that are not straight but I’ll try not to pay attention to them or my eye won’t stop twitching.

A couple of days ago, I was reading an article about genuine people. How would you call someone who’s not genuine? Fake? Hypocrite? Insincere?
I’m trying to decide who pisses me off more violently, a liar, a bad person, a stupid, an asshole, a selfish or a hypocrite… The combos, for sure.
The more I think the worse it gets, specially when the examples of people I know come to my mind.

Let’s take a liar for example. There are several types. They all lie but their lies affect us in different ways. A friend who lies to you will hurt you differently than a politician, or a child or the sucker working in some customer support.

A bad person will f#$k you in your face and that’s bad. But it’s even worse the one who stabs you on your back. It’s like, when you know someone is a bad person, you kind of expect the bad behavior. But when you ignore it, it just hurts.

A stupid will for sure cause some harm without even knowing it. I think there is only one category here. And that is: Stupid. More or less stupid, it’s just the same.

An asshole. The fact that we are so use to dealing with assholes doesn’t make life with them any easier. They’ll hurt you and don’t give a crap about it just because they are assholes.
Someone who isn’t an asshole full time but a few times behaved like one, does he/she deserve the title?

The selfish. What can you expect from a selfish person? Absolutely nothing, all they have, it’s for them.

And a hypocrite… Those make me so mad. They show you an image of themselves that’s not real, they want you to see how good, caring and perfect they are but the truth is that they are a total different way. It takes time to discover the hypocrite because those are the wolves in sheep suits. And the day you finally find out how they really are, nobody believes you and they think you are crazy because: “He/she is such a nice person”. Those are really dangerous.

We are surrounded by ugliness, that’s such a shame.

You can find the article I read about genuine people, here.

Sometimes I really want to know what people think about something so I read the comments. The first comment I read on that article made me smile.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 7.53.43 AM

I want a man like that one.

~ by DotedOn on July 14, 2016.

14 Responses to “688”

  1. Yes, people can suck and most of them will disappoint you in one way or another. It’s good to know there are still a few good ones left.

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  2. Genuine is rare. Phony (you say hypocrite) is common. Most people are probably a mix to all different degrees. Most of the adjectives you use are also very often in the same type people. Assholes generally are selfish, liars, etc. Anyway, I’ve been hurt in very big ways by the phonies, for sure. And I’m extremely grateful when good, genuine people come into my life. VERY few and so precious πŸ™‚

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  3. I’m lucky. I can usually spot the assholes, hypocrites and selfish people pretty quickly so I don’t get too surprised when their true side shows.

    I’ve been married to the same man for nine years and he’s the most genuine man I know. Don’t get discouraged, they are out there.

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  4. It’s not straight? It will drive me crazy!

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  5. Haha my fellow Assholes and I are flattered that you featured us in your post. I vote liars and hypocrites for the worst.

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  6. It takes all types to make up our world. I hope you have more good people than bad ones in your life. XXX ❀

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