Saturday. There is always something. Yesterday I was having a good day even though I had slept horribly. I got up quite early and while my kids were still sleeping, I went to have breakfast alone so I could enjoy the silence. Then I wrote my post and sat with my kids while they were having breakfast.
“Mom, your iPod is ringing”
“Ugh, this must be your dad” so I took the iPod from my pocket and I saw that it was my mom video calling me. “No, it’s your grandma… Strange, it’s very early there”. So I answered but my mom hung up. I got a bit nervous and called her back. She declined my call so I panicked. “Something happened” so I decided to call my dad. His phone rang a few times and then I saw my sister on the screen. F#$k.
“What happened?” I could barely talk.
“Shhhh my ass, tell me what happened!”
“Shhhh… wait”. I saw her walking around and then she said: “Dad had a heart attack a while ago, he’s being operated now”.
“…………..” I froze. My heart stopped. I wanted to vomit. I didn’t know what to say.
“Pao, are you ok? Why did you call?”
“Mom called me and she hung up. Then I called and she rejected the call so I got scared and decided to call dad to see what happened”
“He felt sick, he couldn’t breathe so we took him here. The phone is about to die, mine died long ago. I’m waiting for Luki (her son) to bring me a charger. As soon as I know something, I’ll message you”.
So I spent the next few hours staring at my iPod and computer waiting for a call or message until I couldn’t wait anymore and sent a message to my sister. She said she just had gone to the car to sleep because she was awake the whole night. I felt awful for waking her.
Some time later she called saying the operation went well. I could finally breath but I was still shaking.
When my mom got home, I video call her and she told me what had happened. My dad couldn’t breath so they took him to the hospital. While the doctors were running some tests, he had a heart attack. The doctor told my mom: “He was lucky to be here at the time”.
“Mom, did Nani (my sister) tell you that you call me this morning?”
“Yes, I was mad at her because I didn’t want to tell you anything so you wouldn’t worry and then she said that I had called you and that was why you knew. I still don’t understand these machines”.
“Never mind. I’m happy dad’s ok. Go to sleep, we can talk later”.
“Yes, I’ll call you from the hospital later so you can say hi to him”

A couple of hours later she called me and I could talk to my dad. He was all smiles.
“Hola Pa” He calls me Pa (from Paola) and I also call him Pa (from papรก).
“Hola Pa”
“I thought I was going to have a break but I was wrong. She’s here, attached” and he pointed to my mom who said something like “shut up, you asshole”.
“You know her, she won’t let you in peace”
“Look” and he showed me his room, he was watching TV.
“Dad, were you missing being the center of attention?”
“Hahahahaha, so it seems!”
“Go to rest now, we talk again tomorrow”
Then I said bye to him and my mom.

Only after talking to him I started to relax a bit. I’m tired, drained and weak. I think I’ll spend the weekend on the couch. I would stay in bed but my back hurts after a while.

To whoever this may concern: “Please, GIVE ME A F#$KING BREAK!!”


~ by DotedOn on July 16, 2016.

6 Responses to “690”

  1. I’m pleased he’s doing fine, sounds like he has quite sense of humour and the “I still don’t understand these machines” made me smile.


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  2. Sorry to hear about your father. Glad he is okay!

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  3. Paola, I completely understand the stress! But thank God it turned out well and that he WAS at the hospital when he actually had the heart attack or he may have died. He’s still with you! At least it was only one night of worrying. Trust me, I had months of stress and worry when we were dealing with my son’s heart last year. One night is better! What’s most important is the outcome ๐Ÿ˜€ oxox

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