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Tuesday. I’m still closed in my shell. The good thing is that I don’t want to hit anyone today.
It’s still sunny and it’s going to be quite hot. I wish I felt better.

About 6 weeks ago, a mom run after me while I was on my bike and made me agree to bake something for a party for kids that’s happening right now somewhere in town. (We are already 35 minutes late).
A few days ago I took my bike and tried to find the place where that party was going to be following the map that the mom drew for me because I don’t like not knowing where I have to go. After cycling for 20 minutes I ended up almost in Holland in the middle of a corn field. So, I have no idea how we are going to get there. That’s exactly what I didn’t want to happen.

The mom asked me to bake something from my country. I’m not sure if that’s from my country but you can buy them in any bakery. They are called “Palmeritas” and mostly kids love them.


I hope they taste good and I hope we don’t get lost, or at least, not completely lost.


~ by DotedOn on July 19, 2016.

14 Responses to “693”

  1. I hope you get there, too, Paola. Getting lost is not fun, especially when you’re running late. At least it’s day time. What cracks me up is you added to being late by writing this blog! lol. And those Palmeritas look delicious! 😀

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    • I always say, late is late (one minute or 2 hours) And we got lost and my son’s bike had problems with the chain so we had to stop 3 times… We were super late! 😀
      The palmeritas were good 🙂


  2. Ugh! I hate getting lost and it happens to me entirely too often. I’m sure your little cookies will taste good though.

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  3. How was it?

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  4. 20 minutes and you end up in a corn field. I’m kind of jealous with the whereabouts that you live. And those cookies look… yummy. Yeah, that’s about all I can say without coming across very male.

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