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Saturday. For the past week I’ve been fighting an urinary tract infection. Or that’s what I thought. I drank a lot of liquid and the past couple of days I felt better and relieved but last night, they pain was really acute and I suspect there could be something else. I would go to the doctor but I don’t have a health insurance or maybe, I have two. My plan was to change the one I had but I’m not sure if the new one started or not so now I’m somewhere in between. I have no way to know because my contact person is not answering my messages and I forgot the name of the company so I can’t call and ask. Again, I feel very frustrated and to that, I have to add the pain.
I’m doing the best I can to not let this affect me but I’m not sure I’ll succeed.

Since we are on the pee subject (or lack of it), I’ll tell you why sometimes I miss my kids wearing diapers.

We were on our way to Italy and my daughter said she had to pee. I frowned because I knew what was coming but I couldn’t tell her: “Just pee in your pants and save me the agony” so I said to my ex to stop at the nearest gas station.
After about 15 minutes, no gas station and my daughter complaining, we stopped at a rest area with bathroom. I said to my kids: “We ALL go to the bathroom now so we don’t have to stop again. I don’t want to hear ‘I don’t have to pee’, ok? According to your grandfather, you can always pee” (except when you have the f#$king infection).
So we stopped and I said to my three oldest sons to go together to the bathroom while I took my daughter and my ex stayed with my youngest son.
Those bathrooms are mostly all the same. A quite big room and against one of the walls you have the toilet and the sink made of steel. I couldn’t find a better picture.


I opened the ladies bathroom door and I had to fight the stench to get in. Once we were in I said to my daughter: “You won’t sit on that toilet, you will stand on it, then squat and then you can pee, ok?”
“Ok, ok, ok, I can’t hold it any longer”
“Please, you have to understand what I’m saying, ok?”
“yes yes yes”
I helped her stand on the toilet, told her to squat and hold her shorts and panties and then when she was aiming to the hole, to start peeing.
So she did what I said and started to pee and I have never seen something like that.


“WTF!! STOP NOW!” Because I didn’t know where to hide and the pee was coming from everywhere and getting also everywhere.
My daughter was laughing like crazy and I was about to cry: “WTF Tei, do you realize that that’s not even possible? Your pee is supposed to go down. Why the f#$k is it going everywhere? Try to pee slower, see?? You are peeing your leg and shorts and my freaking shoes!! OMG stop please!”
“Hahahahaha” she just couldn’t stop peeing and laughing.
When she was done, we washed our hands and went to the car. I said: “Holy f#$k! it’s like your sister’s got 7 dicks peeing in all directions”.
Then I heard my little one saying: “I have to pee too”
“I know, but we can’t go in there anymore so you will have to do what I say, ok?”
So we walked behind the bathrooms and I told him: “Pull down your shorts and underwear, hold your dick pointing to that cigarette there and when I say so, you start to pee, ok?”
He asked me: “Standing?” with a face of complete surprise.
I felt a bit bad at that moment. He had never peed standing before.
“Yes, standing. Boys can do that”
I remember my past experiences with my other sons. “Can boys really do that??” I could call myself lucky if I ended up with pee on my hands and my shoes only. Mostly I got pee everywhere because they started to pee before aiming so the stream went anywhere, mostly me.

This time I didn’t feel like cleaning pee from my eye brows so I stood behind him. “Are you aiming at the cigarette?”
“Are you ready?”
“Then gooooo!” And he started to pee and all the pee went straight and perfectly to the cigarette. Not one drop out.
“Wow, you can really do it!”
I was really glad it was that way because I didn’t feel like going to the bathroom to wash my hands again. I had to be content using the disinfectant.
I got to the car and I told my other boys: “You should learn from your little brother”.

But I believe I created a monster because during the entire holiday, he never told me again: “Mom, I need a bathroom”, he just went somewhere outside, pulled down his pants and peed.
“You are doing this here and I’m not really happy about it, but once we get home: YOU HAVE TO SIT DOWN TO PEE, OK?”

Would I be a mean mother if I make my kids wear diapers when we have to go somewhere? Trust me, you don’t want to be in my shoes when they need a bathroom.


~ by DotedOn on July 23, 2016.

8 Responses to “697”

  1. Oh gosh, what a story. Yes, I suppose boys are lucky that way. Hope you feel better!

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  2. Hope you’ll soon be feeling better πŸ™‚

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  3. Some of your adventures are like none I’ve ever heard, Paola lol And I’m thinking her labia was directing pee every which way and probably since her bladder was SO full, it was worse! lol Bless all of you!

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  4. Ok, the sprinkler photo just had me in stitches.


  5. I wasn’t exaggerating! πŸ˜€


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