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Wednesday. Some days ago we went to an amusement park. At one point my kids asked to go to the bumper cars. That’s one of the few attractions that I dare to ride.
We (my two oldest sons and I) were waiting outside the fence delimiting the place were the cars were, (like the people you see in the background of the picture below).


Between the fence and the track(?), there was a platform where the people riding the bumper cars could leave their belongings.

When the bell rang, the cars stopped and all the persons riding, run to the exit except the ones who had their stuff on the platform.
My second son was leaning on the fence when a girl with HUGE boobs went to pick her bag from the platform.
When I saw her approaching I said: “Careful dear, if she turns around and hits you with a boob, she’ll knock you down”.
Poor boy, I made him blush because he got kind of scared and stepped backwards, while my oldest son was laughing his ass off.
“Really, you don’t survive one of those so easily”
“Please, tell me, are mine that big?”
“No, they are smaller”
“What a shame… I could use them like weapons”
They continued laughing and I could go on and on but then I remembered those were my kids and what kind message was I giving to them?

They just laughed and didn’t join in with the jokes. I’m sure they would have done it if the subject had been different.

I know, I never grew up. And hopefully, I never will.


~ by DotedOn on July 27, 2016.

18 Responses to “701”

  1. I tell my kids inappropriate jokes all the time. It builds character!!

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  2. Curious—-did the well-endowed girl have cleavage blaring, tight shirt or was she dressed modestly? I can’t help but wonder if she heard you and if she did, how she reacted.

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  3. Inappropriate jokes with your kids are the best kind. Never grow up

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  4. A lovely Post Paola, I envy you in a nice way šŸ™‚ family life looks so much fun when you share these precious moments between you and your sons šŸ™‚

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  5. Love it! It’s always nice to see (read about) you laughing!

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  6. Growing up is overrated. And funny story.

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