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Friday. These past days I did more cleaning than what I intended to and you can barely see the changes. I wish I had another week with nice weather to finish some things I’d love to do but I lack the time.
I won’t lie, I don’t enjoy cleaning very much. I don’t like when I start doing something and then I remember I have to do something else so I leave what I’m doing and start doing something different and then come back to finish while I leave all kind of cleaning products and stuff around the house. Not to mention all the cabinet doors open if I had to take something from them. I’m very messy to the point that my vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a place (unless my mom is visiting). It’s mostly in the living room ready to be used.
I’m thinking that maybe if I put away the cloths, buckets, broom, vacuum cleaner, garbage bags and cleaning products, I would see the difference. But I’m not sure if I want to try.

So, what do I do while I clean? Rarely I listen to music and I discover that I can only watch a movie if I iron. But I stopped ironing years ago. So the only thing I can do is dreaming or fantasizing.
Every time I need to escape of what I’m doing, I day dream and that keeps me smiling.

That was one of the things I did on the way to Italy. I didn’t feel like talking to my ex so I decided to fantasize. The only problem is that my fantasies mostly make me smile a naughty smile or bite my lip and that, instead of getting me out of a conversation, just starts one:
“Why are you smiling?”
“I’m not smiling”
“I know that smile. What are you thinking?”
“Hmmmmm… stuff”
“What stuff?”
“My stuff, ok?”
And after a while he realizes I’m not going to say anything so he drops the subject.

An sixteen hours trip is very long without wifi. It’s also very long if you don’t talk. I could barely fantasize without having to answer questions, so I decided to take pictures.
I think I took over one hundred pictures on the way to Italy.

I completely forgot why I took each picture but if you asked me at the time, I could tell you for sure.

I don’t need to think much about the first one. That’s how pretty the weather was in my area when we left.


Going south the weather got better. I have no idea where that is.


I liked the landscape.


That’s a tiger cloud.


That’s somewhere between Switzerland and Italy. It could be either Lake Lugano or Lake of Como.


Nice mountain.


The lake (or lakes because I’m not sure if those pictures are from the same lake)



A tunnel


I remember those, it’s Switzerland for sure. As you know, Switzerland is kind of divided in three big parts, the German, the French and the Italian.
We crossed the German and the Italian parts. I think the division of both parts is a mountain. We passed that mountain through a tunnel (I forgot the name but it’s a 10 miles long tunnel) and I couldn’t believe how the weather changed from being cloudy and wet when we entered to being sunny and wonderful when exited.




Those are pretty balls of grass, or as they should be called “bales of hay”. They make me smile.


That’s somewhere in Tuscany


That’s Massa-Carrara. The famous marble comes from there. That’s one of the places where the marble is cut and polished.


That was our exit. (One of them) .


Random shot.


Pretty clouds.


One of the lakes.


Some mountains with snow.


And IT’S FRIDAY, I’M IN LOVE! And if I had to add some music to my dream road trip, I would definitely pick this one that describes how I want it to be. It doesn’t say much about the landscape, but who cares, the company makes the trip worth it. Specially if you can pull over on the side of the road and lay the seat back.

Enjoy George Strait

(written by Tim James, Mark Bright & Philip O’Donnell)

July moonlight shines
Your pretty little head on my shoulder
Pull over on the side of the road
Oh my God, you’re something
Like nothing I’ve ever seen
If I’m asleep girl, let me dream

Baby fall into my kiss
It should just happen like this
Trust it so much that there’s no one else but us and
This moment that says it’s so right
‘Cause that’s all we have in this life
Drink up this love, baby, give it all we got tonight

Summer honeysuckle
Leaking through a rolled down window
We both know when that seat lays back
Anything can happen
So imagine it’ll never end
Just close your eyes and you can see that we are where we’re meant to be

Baby fall into my kiss
It should just happen like this
Trust it so much that there’s no one else but us and
This moment that says it’s so right
‘Cause that’s all we have in this life
Baby, drink up this love, give it all we got tonight
Give it all we got tonight




~ by DotedOn on July 29, 2016.

10 Responses to “703”

  1. Can’t believe I didn’t tell you this but my daughter is doing the song It’s Friday I’m In Love for her summer camp performance today. I hope it comes out good. If so, will try to come back here and post on your comments…well, that’s if you’re even interested in seeing it. Anyway, you’re lucky you have your imagination and a camera.

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  2. Clutter makes nothing seem “clean,” so I hope you can take the few minutes just to get the clutter out of the way and I think you’ll feel like you accomplished something 🙂

    And thanks for sharing these pics! I’ll never get to Europe and it makes me feel like I took a little trip 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Great photos. And George Strait. Got to love George (if you haven’t seen it, go watch Pure Country, great movie that he’s in).

    Liked by 1 person

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