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Saturday. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my dad had a heart attack. He’s recovering from that and he just heard that he has two more things in his heart. One of them it’s almost impossible to operate and the other one will be operated in a few weeks if it doesn’t get better with the diet he’s following. He’s still in a great mood and feeling good while my mom is at the verge of having a break down. She could barely take care of my grandma and now she has also to take care of my dad. She told me she can’t sleep because she can’t hear my dad breathing at night so she gets very nervous. My heart aches for her. Anyway, I think she’s lucky that my father is not a whiner.

A couple of days ago I video called my parents while they were working. My mom said: “Talk to your dad because I have a client waiting”.
I have no idea how the conversation went but we ended up talking about movies. He watches a lot of movies and the week he spent at home, he watched even more. So I asked him if there was a good movie for me to watch. He immediately said: “Four Brothers” with Mark Wahlberg.
“Is is a comedy?”
“Hmmmm no. It has some funny parts”
“What kind of movie is it?”
“It has “a bit” of action. It’ll keep you watching”

So last night I decided to follow my dad’s advice and watch the movie. F#$k the f#$king f#$k. If that movie has “a bit” of action, I wonder how one with a lot of action would be.
I think that there were 3 minutes where no shots or punches were shown. So freaking violent. I spent 95% of the movie thinking: “WTF dad! Why did you do this to me?”
It was bad. And I don’t mean the movie was bad, it just wasn’t for me. It’s the kind of movie that scares me to death because the story is credible and I think it could easily happen. Probably it happens every weeks somewhere in the world.

I finished the movie and decided to play Words With Friends just to forget about it. I did it for a while until I felt sleepy. Then I turned off the lights and fell asleep probably for 20 minutes because one of the ugliest nightmares I had in my life, woke me up.
F#$king movie.
I’ll call my dad later and remind him that unless a movie is romantic or a comedy, he can’t tell me to watch anything. He just can’t.
And he’ll need to explain me why he thinks this movie has only “a bit” of action.

Maybe if I’d have been watching the news for the past 3 years, I’d think that this movie was for toddlers. But I’m avoiding the news just because of that. I couldn’t deal anymore with war, killings, kidnappings, or just plain and freaking violence.
And that makes me wonder. Was it always like this or things just got worse?
Is there anyone to blame?

I’m tired and sad. I want to live in a safe place. I want to be able to go wherever I please without being afraid of getting killed. This is not fair for us or our children.
Is there a way to stop all this craziness?

~ by DotedOn on July 30, 2016.

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  1. Yeah, it’s hard to watch violent movies when there is already so much violence in the world. My mother is also taking care of her sick husband. I feel for both of them. It’s hard when you get older.

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  2. I avoid the news, too, for years. I’ll usually only watch when there’s a crisis I want to know more about or SHOULD know more about, especially locally, but for the most part, I can’t handle it in my face because I need to do my best to keep myself “up” and my own life already can drag me down.

    And yes, things are getting worse overall and in all facets. It’s humankind, in general, to blame, along with “outside forces” I won’t name here ’cause I don’t want to get into debate, but I think I’ve already mentioned the times I believe we’re living in and that there’s only One who will finally “call the game.” Life is not easy 😦

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    • Exactly. We already have enough with our own lives, we don’t need extra.
      I’m glad I live in a very small town where nothing really happens and I hope it stays that way. πŸ™‚
      The lack of tolerance is killing us and I think in big part, the media is to blame.


      • There will never be true, worldwide tolerance, and the media certainly does feed (and sometimes create) issues, but the fact is a vast part of the world population lacks balanced judgement. What’s going on right now in American politics is living proof of the problem. It will always be the ones who are the most extreme and unbalanced in their mind set that will wreak havoc–and that certainly includes those who have the clout to run for office. We live in a scary world 😦

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      • You are right, Donna. We live in a scary world and I feel very sad about it.


  3. I’m glad your Dad is doing well πŸ™‚

    I must admit over the years I’ve enjoyed violent films less and less to the point I don’t watch, I prefer French relationship stories, I dislike sex on TV but love it when beautiful actresses undress naked, nothing more erotic than a naked lady of any age, and I agree with Donna things are getting worse but keep your spirits up Paola the World has ALWAYS had a darker side, just maybe 24 hour rolling TV news Channels don’t help! They do look for the sensational I guess for ratings!

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    • Thank you, Andrew! πŸ™‚
      I think there is violence and violence and I can’t really explain the difference. You see dead people in many movies. Maybe you watch a western and you see 200 deaths. That affects me but nothing comparing to another movie where you see a guy killing only one person who’s somewhere at the wrong moment. As soon as I can relate to the dead character, the movie turns to be scary and it could ruin my day πŸ™‚

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  4. There is too much violence on tv

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  5. Yeah… if you have any questions about movies, you might want to ask me. I’m kind of a critic, know-it-all (or at least that what people say about me). I’ll give you the skinny.

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