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Monday. How important do you think the voice of a person is? Would you compare the sound of a voice to an instrument?
I love high pitch sounds. I love the sound of the violin, bagpipes, banjo, mandolin and wind chimes but I don’t really like the high pitch voices. They make my eye twitch. You’d think that if I like the sound of a violin, I’d like the sound of a woman’s high pitch voice but that’s not the case at all.
I have a friend in Argentina whose voice makes me cringe. If she’s super excited and she has to say something like “OMG!”, you’ll feel like your eardrum is about to explode. I wish I was exaggerating.
The first time I invited her over, my mom said something like: “Holy f#$k, I couldn’t wait for her to shut up. What an annoying voice!! A few more minutes and I was going to choke her with a pillow”.
She’s my friend but I admit of having MANY times the will to put a sock in her mouth.
I’m not sure how you would say that my voice sounds but for sure it’s totally different from what I hear. I really dislike my voice and I don’t recognize it when I listen to a recording of myself. To me, my voice sounds much deeper than to the other people. I know I don’t have a “whistle” voice but I’m not sure how far from the whistle I am.

What do you think about accents? Do you find accents sexy? I think we all have favorite accents and accents that we dislike.
Many years ago, I couldn’t recognize accents. English was English and that was it. Now, after spending several years talking mainly English and listening to the different accents, I can recognize a few.

My English friend Andrew said: “The American ladies like my voice”. I said to him: “You have a nice deep voice” and also the accent counts as a bonus if it’s foreign to you. But not to all of us it’s that way. Some people really dislike foreign accents.
I have a “subtle” accent. (Subtle my ass… It’s so strong that it can bend a piece of steel). I believe there is nothing I can do. My English teachers at school were not native speakers so I learned the language with an accent. You can tell.
My kids mostly had native speaker teachers and you can even tell which one had a British teacher and which one didn’t.

Many years ago I went backpacking to the South of Argentina with my sister and a friend. We met a lot of people and we kept contact with some of them.
My sister met a guy whose voice was “WOW”. I really don’t have enough adjectives to describe his voice but imagine that it was deep, calm and sexy all in one. I believe that women stopped listening to what he was saying because they got lost when they heard the sound of his voice. Talk to me, baby!
One day this guy called to my house and my mom answered the phone. Let me describe my mother’s voice. It’s not what you would call “soft”. It’s like she’s all the time yelling but if you complain she says: “I’m not yelling, I’m talking loudly”. You can’t argue with her.
So she answered the phone and covered the speaker (but trust me, my mom’s voice goes through seven walls so her freaking hand was like a piece of silk covering the phone) and she said: “Nani! There is a guy on the phone who wants to talk to you and holy f#$k, he has the perfect voice for a telephonic jill off”.
I’m not sure who felt more embarrassed, if my sister or the guy. I still blush when I remember.

I had to search for the female equivalent of jack off.
Every day we learn something new. Cheers to that.

~ by DotedOn on August 1, 2016.

18 Responses to “706”

  1. hi Paola, love your so graphic way of telling stories, you are a great friend (your friend from Argentina proves it), the whisperer makes the words count less than they should, nobody loves a high pitch voice telling you “I love you”, but when the whisperer says “f#*k you!” that can be out of this world – it’s the tone that really counts!

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  2. A voice is a deal maker or a deal breaker. I can’t deal with screeching. It’s the equivalent of raking fingernails across a blackboard. Now, is it really called jilling? πŸ˜€

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  3. Oh goodness, how funny is that? I think we’re all a little uncomfortable with the sound of our own voices but what can you do? Might as well get used to it!

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  4. Paola πŸ˜€ this post is SO hilarious and and that was lovely writing my friend πŸ™‚

    Your Mom sounds fabulous, “Jill off” is a new one on me as well! and I agree with you and Marissa I think everyone hates their voice simply because it’s totally different to what they hear. It’s a shock when you hear for the first time that’s for sure!

    Interesting that you can spot differences depending on who’s teaching your children.

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    • Thank you, Andrew! πŸ™‚
      Jill off is new to me (the term, at least πŸ˜€ )
      Yes, my boys all had British teachers but my daughter had a Canadian one. You can tell! πŸ™‚

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  5. I have a difficult time with accents. It’s why I generally refuse to see any British movies or TV shows. I just can’t understand what they are saying. This is true for pretty much all European and Asian accents.

    On the other hand, Spanish accents can get me to do almost anything. This is especially true of a Mexican accent or even better, Puerto Rican accents.

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  6. I love the English language spoken with ANY foreign accent as long as it’s not so thick I can’t understand it πŸ™‚

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    • A couple of times I felt like asking the person to write what they were trying to tell me because I truly couldn’t decipher a word of what they were saying πŸ™‚


  7. A “Jill off”? This is too good! I’m a sucker for a Scottish accent myself.

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  8. Voices are really important. At least to me. Jill off…Hahaha.. oh that’s too funny.. but anyway, I always think I sound whiny. /shrug But, I’ve been told I have a great telephone voice. Not sure what that means when the person is looking at my face. Hrm, maybe I’m ugly?

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