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Monday. It’s s bit sunny and I hope it stays this way a bit longer because I have to mow the lawn. The grass is so high that you can only see the rabbits’ ears. It’s a cute picture but I can only think about the picture of my back hurting terribly after mowing the stupid way too long lawn.

I hate this day, August 15th, because it was the day I got my first period 32 years ago. I don’t think many women remember the exact date. I do because I HATED that day very much. And I hated even more all the other days when I got congratulated because I had had my first period. I still can’t understand that. I would have appreciated more a condolences card.

So, it’s not only f#$king awful Monday, it’s also the f#$king awful day. Not a good combo, so I decided I will not let ANYTHING else get in the way to make this day even worse so I thought that writing about the last search engine searches was a good idea.

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We have again the usual ass/boob groping/grabbing on bus/train and a few new ones.

-india girl facebook (I truly have no idea how anybody could be directed here with those search terms. I imagine there are millions of girls from India who have a Facebook page).

-ass on bus (Of course, if there is an ass and a bus, everyone is welcome here)

-ssxxss (Why here?)

-hurt me as much as you can (I’m wondering if the person who searched that was talking about the soul or actual physical pain. It’s disturbing in both cases but I really don’t want this blog to be where all the SM people meet).

-course of heat in groin areas and anous smelling odour (OK. What can I say? Course of heat sounds pretty scientific but all the rest confused me a bit. Why would someone need to know that? And why did they think they were going to find the answer here?).

-landing strip cut women (There are pictures of that here but there are not instructions on how to achieve it, sorry).

-japanese teen bus porn (Porn? WTF! It’s already disturbing that Japanese women have to go through all the touching and grabbing daily, but calling it porn, it’s just sad. Is there someone filming all that?).

-my g string panties aunt (I heard that you can Google anything and mostly find it but the one who thought that was going to find their aunt’s g string panties or their aunt wearing the searcher’s g string panties, was a bit wrong. Or at least, I hope so. I’d get completely paranoid imagining there is a way for someone to know who my aunt is. I already worry that “they” can monitor all my moves but the idea of “they” knowing my family tree, is really perturbing).

-customer support (Again, why here?)

-big ass in bus (This means that there are people who take pictures of (big) asses on the bus. If you want a picture of a big ass, I can understand. But searching specifically for the ass in a bus, it’s puzzling. But ok, we all have our fantasies, I’m not here to judge).

-sexual harassment with big booby girl in public bus (WTF!)

-ass grab in train (This is so sad).

-dotedon pubic hair wordpress paola (!!! The person who searched that knows me. But he/she doesn’t know me well enough because if he/she thought I was going to post a picture of my pubic hair… THEY WERE WRONG!). Just imagine!! What would I show? My look down there or just the picture of a pubic hair?)

I’m very shy. I know, I can hide it pretty well. But believe me, I am very shy. It takes some time for me to feel confident and open up.
I know I showed you my panties and bras but they were mostly clean and I wasn’t wearing them at the time I took the picture. I mean, I was wearing bra and panties but not the ones I showed you on the pictures.

I better shut up because I’m making it worse. I can already see the next search engine terms.


~ by DotedOn on August 15, 2016.

14 Responses to “720”

  1. Ha, ha! Too funny! Feel better Paola!

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  2. I trust you are keeping well Paola, πŸ˜‰ Mark here, my third and final try, one step at a time, I’m a little disheartened, but I can’t honestly think it’ll again :/ Mark will be fun though! I hope I’ve cheered you up πŸ™‚ x

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  3. Mark’s blog will do

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  4. I get strange search term too, but nothing as funny as yours. You should feel honored

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  5. Yeah, the whole “congratulations, you’re a woman” thing lol I don’t remember the date, but remember the year πŸ™‚

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    • Ugh… Many years ago there was a Spanish series on TV about kids and teens. One of the episodes was about when one of the girls got her first period. The young brother listened to the mother talking to someone on the phone saying: Bea is a woman now. The boy was puzzled and went to all his friend to tell the story: “Bea is a woman now”. The boys were all surprised asking, if she’s a woman now, what the hell was she before??
      I always remember that, I think it’s the only thing that cheers me up all these years πŸ˜€

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  6. Oddly enough, these are some of my favorite posts that you put up. I don’t know why, but they just crack me up.

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