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Tuesday. I slept terribly and only partly it was my fault. I went very late to bed because I stayed socializing. I know, that part was my fault but the other part, I’m not sure what to say.
My sweet unwanted pet Lester was scratching the attic’s floor just above my bed and I thought I wasn’t going to sleep at all another night so I knocked on the roof/ceiling with the idea of make it stop.

(That’s my bed and I knocked where you see the lights).


I thought I had succeeded but after a little while, instead of hearing the noises on the the ceiling, I heard them on the wall, near the corner.
So the poor animal went down (or fell down) between the roof top and the insulation material and it got trapped there.
A few times during my short night it was scratching the wall a couple of feet away from me; I’m not sure if it was eating or trying to get out but it was VERY noisy.
After a while, I didn’t hear it anymore and I was relieved until this morning when I was getting dressed and I could hear it again.
I’m not sure what I should do now. I have no idea how to rescue the animal. I think I’ll wait one more day to see if it goes away and if it doesn’t, I’ll call the landlord’s son and ask him what to do.
I’m in complete distress.

I didn’t mow the lawn yet and the yard looks like a jungle.
I didn’t get my daughter birthday’s gifts that I ordered almost 4 weeks ago and tomorrow is her birthday. I just saw the mailman drive pass my house without stopping so I really hope I get the stupid presents tomorrow morning or I’ll have to go out and buy some emergency things. She’s too young, otherwise I’d get her deodorant. That’s so popular here.
Oh, and I have to get ready 24 treats so she can bring to school tomorrow and I have to do that before my kids get back.

I’m a bit stressed today. Just A BIT.

~ by DotedOn on August 16, 2016.

14 Responses to “721”

  1. Wow, sounds pretty crazy!! Yeah, if I were you, I would make someone get rid of that thing pronto! I wouldn’t even wait one more day!

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  2. I love your bed with all the lovely drapery 😀 Are the lights the tiny Xmas bulbs?

    I’m sorry to say I have a feeling the animal may die in the wall if it can’t make its way back up 😦

    And if the gifts don’t arrive, you can’t just get something small and tell her the real gifts are arriving soon? So what treats are making? Could you please make 25 and ship one over? 😉

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  3. A bit stressed? For me that’d a gross understatement. I’ve had the scratching in the walls before. Even though I knew it was just some animal trying to live out its life like me, it was very creepy

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  4. What sort of animal is it? I think you must contact the landlord or it’ll die, I thinking it’s in distress.

    Paola your bedroom is divine, like something out of a Fairy Tale. Fabulous 🙂

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    • A marten. I hope it left, I couldn’t hear it last night 🙂

      I’m glad you like my bedroom, it’s nice to be able to make my dreams come true (some of them, at least 🙂 )

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  5. I understand now why you were so paranoid that ‘the man’ might sleep in it, you know the Post before he took you to the airport. x

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