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Wednesday. My daughter’s 7th birthday is today. She came all excited to my bedroom at 6.15am when I was deep asleep to remind me. Like I could forget. For the past weeks she came every day telling me how many days left.
“I know! Now you better go to bed and come back after the alarm clock says it’s time to wake up, ok?”
When it was time I said: “Happy birthday, Princess. I have a question, is it today a special day and I need to wear a dress?”
“Did I ever say to you: ‘You can’t wear a dress?!!?'”. Then she sighed, shook her head and put a face like saying: ‘Mom, you are a lost cause’.
So in a bit I have to change my comfortable jeans and wear a dress. I don’t dare to disappoint her today.

I didn’t hear the animal last night. I hope those are good news and not really, really bad ones.
I managed to finish the treats in time and I also mowed the front yard. I did an awful job, by the way. The lawn was wet and the grass catcher didn’t catch any grass and the mower (me) didn’t catch or rake any grass either.

I’m smiling. The mailman just brought some of the presents I ordered for my daughter so I can relax. I need to get only one thing and then we all have something to give her. The only thing she really wants is a lipstick. I got her lip balm that’s a bit pink with cherry flavor. I’m not giving a 7 years old girl lipstick because I’m afraid that for her 11th birthday she’ll ask for the wrong baby doll (lingerie).


Anyway, she’d get this one.


I’m going to wrap the presents, hang some garlands and flags to make the kitchen look more festive, and after that I’ll fill the chocolate chip cookies (that I didn’t bake) with ice-cream.


~ by DotedOn on August 17, 2016.

23 Responses to “722”

  1. Aaw, that’s so nice. Happy Birthday to your daughter (PLEASE let this birthday wish be an actual up-to-date one and not a one-year-late birthday wish as a result of me thinking this post is recent when it’s not… :D)

    I think that doll is cute but I love the lingerie too πŸ˜‰ Have a great day!

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  2. πŸ™‚ Cookies was a good idea!

    (I bet you look fabulous dressed in a DD ‘baby doll’.)


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  3. Sounds like a nice birthday! Yes, my daughter went to camp and there was an 8 year old girl who came into camp every day wearing eye liner and mascara and then sometimes she would just sneak in more make up and pile it on in the bathroom. This girl is headed for the stripper pole!

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  4. Happy Birthday, little one! πŸ˜€

    And, by the way, how do you “fill” chocolate chips with ice cream? Please take a pic of THAT! πŸ˜€

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  5. Happy birthday festivities to you all!

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  6. Good move on the lip balm. I hope it was a fun day.

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  7. β€˜Mom, you are a lost cause’.
    happy birthday.

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  8. You lost me at that second to last photo.. what was this post about again???

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