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Sunday. This is not exactly the most productive weekend of the year but for some reason, I’m quite relaxed. Let’s see for how long it’ll last.
I watched 4 movies so far and I can’t believe I liked 3 of them VERY much. That’s rare.
Did you see “The Intouchables”? It’s a French movie from 2011. It’s based on a true story. It was really long ago the last time a movie made me laugh so much and moved me at the same time. It’s about a quadriplegic man and his caregiver. It’s real and honest. If you like movies that leave you a message, I think this is the movie for you.
Let me warn you that I’m not a movie critic and I admit of having a particular taste in movies.

Now I’m debating what to do next. I don’t want to spend the rest of the day on the couch, not because I feel like I’m wasting my life but because my back starts to hurt after a while. I’d love to continue working on my art project but I hate to do it with artificial light and it’s so sad and dark outside.

This is the typical boring Sunday. The kind of day that daydreaming could be dangerous. The kind of day that I could start missing everything. The kind of day that anything could trigger a thought of how things should be and are not.
A very, very long day when time seems to be stuck and at the same time, it seems to be going really fast.

It’s again one of those days…

~ by DotedOn on August 21, 2016.

12 Responses to “726”

  1. Sometimes they are the best Sundays 😊

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  2. Paola I know you love Movies, I absolutely adored watching ‘I’ve Loved You So Long’ staring Kristin Scott Thomas, and I’m not ashamed to say I wept by the end. I can’t give anything away because the ending is quite remarkable so for heavens sake DON’T Google the surprise!!!!

    What’s it about? A Powerful Family Drama about a woman finding her place in society after spending fifteen years in prison for a dark secret which comes apparent by the end! The sister relationship is quite special. But alas sub titles though they didn’t bother me.

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    • Thank you, Andrew!
      I just added it to my list and I’ll tell you if I liked it once I see it. (Probably in a couple of weeks when my kids are with their dad) 🙂
      I don’t mind subtitles, I’m used to them. That’s how we watch most movies in Argentina 🙂

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      • 🙂 I hope you like the Movie 😀 , a gentle story (no guns no fighting no sex) but don’t google the ending, all I’ll say is it’s an uplifting film! Yikes I hope I haven’t built it up too much……. 🙂 a good story!

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      • I never want to know much about any movie or then I feel it’s spoiled and I don’t want to watch it 🙂

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  3. Sounds emotional! Better get occupied!

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  4. !!! :/ Paola you know how something or a problem looks totally different compared to the same problem from the night before! Well, I’ve had second thoughts, it’s probably not a film for a Mom, similar to me, who can get quite emotional with life, I hadn’t thought it through, you know me!!! I’m really worried now you might get very upset, I’m single you’re a Mom, we have totally different outlooks in life, I didn’t really think it through last night. Maybe it is best to give a miss and have a laugh instead. x 🙂

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    • Don’t worry, Andrew! If I don’t like the movie I’ll tell you 🙂
      Now I’m really curious about it!!

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      • Watch the Movie Trailer on YouTube, Paola yes you cry but you are a stronger human being than myself, don’t underestimate your strength of character and spirit and you KNOW I ALWAYS tell the truth. I wouldn’t know where to start bringing up 5 children on my own, I’ve Followed you for a year now and probably understand you more than you think, you’re a lovely Lady and I feel privileged to have been part of your blogging life 🙂

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      • Thank you, Andrew 🙂 You made me smile!
        And I’m not watching the trailer, I like to be surprised (let’s just hope I like the surprise 😀 )


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