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Friday. A couple of days ago I was reading Andrew’s blog. He wrote about a new law somewhere in the UK that considers a hate crime staring at women boobs for too long. Also wolf whistling is considered a hate crime. I’m a bit shocked. No, I’m SUPER shocked.

I had to search more information because I needed to understand some more.

Copied from thefederalistpapers.org

“One U.K. city have decided to make misogyny a hate crime.

What exactly does that mean? Well, the easiest way to explain it is to assert that a crime was committed specifically because the victim was a woman.

Except they’re not stopping there. The police in Nottinghamshire are planning on recording and citing people not for harming a woman… but for being… well, a creep.”

Wow… I think they are going too far but ok, it could be only me.
I’m totally against violence against women but staring, smiling, whistling it’s different than grabbing or groping, which I REALLY CAN’T TOLERATE.

I was in Argentina in February. It was summer there and quite hot. Every single day while I was there I wore shorts or mini skirts with tank tops or short sleeves t-shirts. I remember I said to a friend: “I must be getting old and undesirable because in 10 days that I’m here, not even a construction worker shouted at me: “Mamita, mamita” (Little mama) or whistle at me! That’s strange!!”.
Then one of the last days while I was walking on the street, a man said something to me, so as soon as I got a wifi connection I wrote to my friend: “I still got it!!”.

Let me explain a bit. I DO NOT dress in a way so I can have all eyes on me. In my country, 90% of the men look at women on the street. They are not shy about turning around to check their asses too.

In my 20’s when I walked 5 blocks to go somewhere, believe me, I got at least 3 men looking at me or whistling or saying something. Some were just creepy (disgusting), but others where kind of nice saying some compliments.
“Mamita, you have wonderful eyes” —> COMPLIMENT.
“You have no idea what I’ll do with those tits” —> NOT A COMPLIMENT.

You see, there is a difference. I admit that some men are creepy but also some men just like admiring (innocently) at women.

The man who some years ago was staring at my breasts for about a minute while he was two steps away from me, CREEPY. So freaking creepy that as soon as the asshole realized what he was doing, he saw me brushing off my tits. I felt I needed to “remove” his eyes from my breasts.

As I told Andrew, you can stare at women’s boobs, no problem. BUT there is a time limit and that’s what makes the difference between admiring and being a creep.

I have to agree with Robert Gehl (the guy who wrote the article I mentioned above).

“unwanted sexual attention” is not violence, folks. It’s just not. Looking a bit too long, smiling at a pretty lady. Checking out the gams on a hot dame… That’s what guys do. Sometimes it’s creepy. But it’s not a crime.

And IT’S FRIDAY, I’M IN LOVE! Yesterday I spent some time searching songs that mentioned women breasts. I was surprised to find so many. I knew a few of those songs but I had never paid attention to the lyrics before.
I picked this one because it shouted HONESTY to me.
The guy who wrote it clearly likes boobs. Big ones. Many could think he is creepy. I personally think he is honest. (And I’m not letting my kids listen to this song any time soon).

Enjoy Joe Walsh singing “I.L.B.T’s”


Uh Huh
I like big tits
You see ’em on the street
Left and right
I like big tits…that’s right
I try to look away but I can’t resist
Every time I try to call it quits
Hear come some tits, uh huh, thats a big 10-4
Uh huh
I like big tits
Well they come in twos
Hard to choose
Your favorite tit
Uh huh
I like tits for dinner or a noontime snack
I like tits for lunch a big tit attack
I like tits for breakfast
Eggs Benedict tits
What it is tits what it is
They’re where it’s at
They give me shivers when they bounce around
Puckered up or hanging on the ground
I like big tits
Uh huh
Tits…says it all for me



~ by DotedOn on August 26, 2016.

19 Responses to “731”

  1. Thank you Paola 🙂 , as you’ve read this is true! Ok the Police seem to be concerned with whistlers, but looking at boobs? A hate crime?

    I’m SO looking forward to reading what your lady followers have to say on this one!

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  2. lol at the song! kinda like I like big butts and I cannot lie! happy Friday!

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  3. I believe the sheriff of Nottingham is behind that law – Robin and Marion had some issues with him. More seriously Nottinghamshire needs a warmer and sunnier climate! I had no idea I was breaking the law and loving it! Even more seriously I am a shy guy – I party if i get a 3 second look – never a word – embarrassement if I get caught!

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    • 🙂 It’s crazy, José! I’m still shaking my head. My dad never missed looking at a woman on the street and he’s one of the sweetest men I know 🙂


      • that is the rule, a clear sign of evolution! The exception are those who go too far, the pervs, those who can’t control their animalesque instincts, are they becoming the rule? do we need laws to stop them? Poor us if that is true, they need education and socialization!
        Paola, wish you a great day! 😀

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      • It’s always the same, José! Those few that ruin it for the rest of us!! 🙂
        Have a great day too! 🙂


  4. What is this world coming to?

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  5. Oh gosh, I don’t know this song! I’ll have to listen but my husband is here asleep in the living room so maybe later. Yes, there is a difference between unwanted sexual attention and a compliment but I used to get approached in the street a lot when I was a young girl and anyone who would come up to me, whether they said ‘you have a nice ass’ or ‘you have nice eyes’. After a while it all meant the same thing!

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  6. “You have no idea what I’ll do with those tits” —> NOT A COMPLIMENT.

    Wait a second… it’s not? Well, I guess I have to strike that one out of my “Book of Awesome Pick-Up Lines.” Dang it.

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