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Saturday. Today is the 2nd anniversary that I officially live in Germany. It’s been strange and I’m not sure how to describe it. I didn’t have any expectations so I can’t say I’m disappointed. I needed to escape from where I was and I did it successfully. That’s all I wanted. I lived the minute without planning ahead because I had no idea where to start, what I was going to find and where anything could lead from there.

My kids are happy here and I feel safe. That’s what counts.

While I’m writing this, I’m chatting with an English friend who just got back from Ibiza. He went there together with a dozen friends to celebrate the bachelor’s party of one of his Irish friends.
The first thing I asked him was if he had a good time. He replied: “I didn’t enjoy it”. Then he told me what happened.
The guy who booked the hotels, had all the information of the trip and the check ins, went out the previous night, got drunk, fell asleep on some girl’s sofa and didn’t show up at the airport.
Then their luggage got lost and since they didn’t have the boarding passes, it got detained for 3 days.
After all that, they had a good time and could change clothes.

I had to ask if someone got a tattoo on the face, breast implants or a finger chopped off… You know, the usual stuff you see in movies.
He said nothing like that had happened but he doubts that the groom will remember anything about the trip.

Since I met him over 3 years ago, he always tells me funny stories about his Irish friends and for that reason, I had to add to my Bucket List:

-Party with the Irish.

I’m thinking I should write down my Bucket List so I don’t forget anything.
I always thought that the items on it were going to be easily achievable so I’m hating pretty much the day I decided to start with:

-Get marry.

I’m starting to believe climbing the Kilimanjaro bare feet, it’s easier.

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16 Responses to “732”

  1. 🙂 You’ve always described your home as a happy place, shines through your writing Paola 🙂

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  2. Honestly, I despise Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. Most behave as though everyone attending doesn’t “belong” to someone already and need to celebrate their “singleness.” Once you embark on a serious, committed relationship, you’re no longer “single,” even if it’s not permanent, and shouldn’t behave as if you are. That’s how I see it, anyway. It’s rare when the “pre-marriage” celebration is clean and dignified. One of my son’s friends and his fiancee (now wife) did it the way I think it should be done—no getting drunk, no strippers/whores, etc. It was refreshing 🙂

    As an aside: my brother actually did climb Kilimanjaro back in the mid 80s. On his way up he met former President Carter and his wife on their way down 🙂

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    • I kid you not the first ‘stag do’ I ever went to, the groom was a Church Lay Preacher and the best man a Church Elder, we were all sitting in the groom’s sitting room then ‘ding dong at the door’ and in comes a woman dressed as a Police Lady, she then arrests him, strips naked though keeping her undies on. 🙂 It was all very light hearted and fun, the groom was/is teetotal and the lady knew how far to go, she sat on his lap topless and we all had wine and a good chat, good clean fun lol, btw they’re still married with kids at University and no word of a lie the video was quite an event at the Church!
      Funny old world 😀

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    • I should add the Church is Christian Methodist but alas I’m now a lapsed Christian :/ I agree drinking in Amsterdam is different. Funny old evening though.

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    • Nice that your brother climbed the Kilimanjaro! I had a not so pleasant climbing experience and I can honestly tell you, that’s not for me! 🙂

      I went only to one bachelorette party (my cousin). I can’t describe how boring it was because you’d think I’m exaggerating. I started planning it with her friends and people our age (she’s one year younger than me) and while planning, her aunt said: “I’m organizing one too, let’s do it together”. OMG never again! Our grandma was there and other 20 ladies all sitting around a HUGE square table that made impossible to chat, unless you did it only with the person next to you. No music, no gifts, no going out, no nothing. Only the empty, bad lighten restaurant 😀

      I wanted to ask my cousin if she wanted another party but she was getting married a couple of days later 🙂

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      • I went to one “bachelorette party” about 30 years ago when I was still married and my sister-in-law was getting married. They wanted to go to Chippendales in NYC. I absolutely hated it and the way most of the women were behaving was making me nauseous. It really was ridiculous. I think I mentioned once before that I don’t like people who flaunt. Well, obviously, strippers are flaunty people, to say the least! lol All the dancing and stripping did nothing for me and the women with the howling and just everything. Ugh. THEN, at the end the guys literally danced their way into the audience and would kiss you for a tip. It disgusted me. I had NO desire to kiss any of them, along with the fact that they were kissing other women—why would I want to swap everyone’s spit? I really didn’t get the appeal! I was commenting so when one of the guys came near us, my sister-in-law tipped him to kiss ME! He shrugged at me and I “think” I may have let him ’cause it was awkward. I really can’t remember! lol I wonder if my (ex)sis-in-law would. I should ask her! lol

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      • Yes, ask her! 😀


  3. Ha, ha! Maybe so! The partying with the Irish thing sounds pretty hardcore too.

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