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Thursday. Already September. Holy crap.
I have a headache since last night and it’s making reading and writing very difficult. I think it’s hormones related but it could also be because I’m still exhausted or because I’m thinking too much about all the things I have to do. Freaking things. They keep coming.

I never wrote something that happened the day we went to Florence and I thought it was funny.

We were in a very busy corner and a woman approached me. I think she could hear me talking in Spanish, that’s why she came to me.
She asked: “Can I ask you a question?” while she was unfolding a Florence’s map.
“Of course!”
“I’m looking around for hours and I can’t find the Pisa Tower. Can you tell me where it is?”
I looked at her wondering if she was joking. I even looked around to see if I could spot the hidden cameras. Then I looked at her again and she was really waiting for an answer, so I replied: “The Pisa Tower is in Pisa, about 70km/44mi away from here”.
“Noooo, that can’t be. It has to be here”
“Trust me, the Pisa Tower is in the city of Pisa”
She kept looking at the map and didn’t believe me at all. Then she said: “It should be here”
“Believe me, it’s not here. You won’t find it in the map because it’s not in Florence”
“It has to be here”
“Are you talking about the leaning tower?
“Yes, that one!”
“It’s in Pisa, for sure. We went there a couple of days ago, I can even show you a picture”. So I took my iPod and showed her a picture.
“So, I will not find it here?”
“I’m afraid not”
“What should I do now?”
“Maybe you can go to the tourist information office and ask if there are buses going there”
“Ok, thank you”

Poor woman. I think she felt pretty stupid. First I thought it was some kind of joke, I really looked around searching for hidden cameras. I couldn’t believe that she couldn’t believe me. I wonder if someone had told her the Pisa Tower was in Florence.

Did you ever ask for directions and someone purposely told you to go exactly the opposite way? It happened to me a couple of times. Mean people. It’s hard to believe that adults could do that.

Many years ago when I was living in Holland, a car with a couple stopped me. They asked me where the cemetery was. I gave the directions and they thanked me.
Later that day I was talking with my ex and I told him: “Can you believe that people always approach me to ask for directions? I must give an ‘I’m open’ vibe. Mostly I have no idea where they want to go and I end up saying ‘I’m sorry I’m foreigner’. But not this time!!”
“Where did they want to go?”
“To the cemetery!”
“And what did you tell them?”
So I told him what I had said to them and he was laughing for some time. I asked: “Why are laughing?” and then he said: “Because you sent them to the crematorium!”
Holy f#$k. I felt miserable for hours. I couldn’t stop shaking my head. I had the best intentions and I was really proud that for once I could help people.
I had the guilt feeling for days. I hope they didn’t drive around for hours.

Now every time someone asks me for directions, even if I know, I tell them to double check.

~ by DotedOn on September 1, 2016.

13 Responses to “737”

  1. I’m so bad with directions! I always hope people won’t ask me!

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  2. I can’t remember anyone deliberately giving me the wrong directions. Maybe the ones who gave them wrongly to you did it by accident, just the way you did? I would’ve felt bad, too 😦

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    • I felt awful! 🙂
      Maybe some of them did it by accident but other times, I think they just wanted to mess with me 🙂
      I learned never to ask kids again because they give the wrong directions for fun, specially if there are a few of them. 🙂


  3. I use to work at a resort in Phoenix, Arizona and we’d frequently have people that arrived and planned a day to see the Grand Canyon. When we told them it was 230 miles away they would look at us with disbelief. I guess I’m mean, but I always thought it was hysterical.

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  4. I’m terrible with directions. I can’t even get myself somewhere, and I never know names of streets.

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    • I can relate! 🙂
      I never got lost in my town, everything is square. Here the stupid streets change name randomly after a couple of “blocks” and NOTHING is parallel, which means that once you miss a turn, you have to go back using the same street or you can end up in a different town. You have no idea how many times I got lost in this tiny town. 🙂


  5. One day I was walking up to my mother’s, I do jobs in return for a Sunday roast, and halfway there a woman stops her car and ask me where Witney Lakes are? So I directed her to ‘some water in a great big hole’ other side of Town, when I reached my Mums’, told her the story, she say’s “stupid boy ‘Witney Lakes’ is a Motel round the corner!” I’d just sent this woman driver miles away to look for a reservoir and not even deliberately!!

    (Who gets the better deal Paola Mom? Me a Sunday roast dinner? Or mum a few jobs done?)

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