Wednesday. I’m waiting for the technician to come and check my oven. Someone called saying they’ll be here between 8am and 2pm. I have to go out to pick my son and I really hope they don’t decide to show up just then.
I’m sure that as soon as I decide to move a couple of inches or start doing something, they’ll come. The thing is, it doesn’t work if you plan it. They won’t come if I’m loading the dishwasher. They’ll come if I have to go to the toilet.
I wish it were my imagination but I’m certain it’s always that way. You spend the entire day close to the phone and it only rings when you can’t answer.


That reminds me of The Murphy’s Laws. Some time ago, I had to research that. It’s amazing how accurate that could be and what’s most amazing it’s where they come from.
It’s long to explain and I’m sure that if I start writing about it, the technician will show up… But since I’m planning it, I doubt it… So here I am trying to decide what to do. I’d hate to start writing and being interrupted but I’d hate even more if I don’t write and the man doesn’t show up soon.

Knowing me, I’ll be following another law. One of my favorites. In Spanish it’s: “La ley del menor esfuerzo” that’s literally: The law of minimum effort or as some online dictionary says: The path of less resistance.

Oh yes, I can be lazy. I love having that choice. I love when later today I can say without feeling any kind of guilt: “I couldn’t do anything. I spent half day waiting for the technician”.


~ by DotedOn on September 14, 2016.

8 Responses to “750”

  1. Ha! That’s funny! Reminds me of a quote I think I heard in the Ramones documentary…it’s always easiest to do nothing.

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  2. lol…Murphy’s Law is one I could definitely do without 🙂 Of course, that doesn’t mean Murphy obliges!

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  3. You gotta love it when they make you wait…

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  4. i hope he came! I hate waiting for people to come to my house. the not knowing when they’ll show up is annoying, so annoying. xxx

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