Thursday. The front yard grass is getting yellow. I never thought I’d witness that. It didn’t rain in a very long time and I’m not complaining a bit. I wish it stays dry for few more weeks.

Yesterday the technician came to check the oven. He was here for about 6 minutes. He said the element was broken, so he ordered a new one. The only problem now is that he won’t be free to replace it soon so I won’t have my oven for another 2 weeks. That’s not so great. I promised my son pizza for his birthday and I won’t be able to do it. I asked him what he wanted instead of pizza and he said: “Donuts”.
I told him: “That’s not food”
He looked at me like saying: “Yeah, right!”
“We’ll get donuts for dessert, ok? What would you like to eat before that?”
I didn’t want to fight him or tell him again that he’s not getting any cake this year. But I loved that he tried.

I just got my garden shredder. I wonder if I should stop reading the manuals. They only scare me. Too many warnings that put me off and make me feel like I shouldn’t be taking the risk.
And I’m wearing a dress today because my daughter gave me an ultimatum. I’m not sure what to do. I hate disappointing her and I hate even more wasting a dry day.
I should check the “dressing code” before operating this machine. Or even better, maybe I should launch a line of “Power Tools for Princesses”.
Just imagine! They’ll be pink and purple. You could operate them wearing sandals and the safety glasses would have sparkles on the sides.

~ by DotedOn on September 15, 2016.

20 Responses to “751”

  1. Hmmm….can you take it off to use the shredder and then put it back on? Maybe she won’t even notice…

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  2. OK, I love two things here: Your “Power Tools for Princesses” AND especially—that you’re sticking to the “no cake” decision 😀

    Lately you’re reminding me of Tim Allen on Home Improvement. Don’t know if you got that show over there, but it was basically the whole “guy with his power tools” thing 🙂

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  3. When you mention your power tools it makes me nervous. I’m pretty sure operating a shredder in a dress is not one of the best of choices. 🙂

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    • I get nervous too! But it’s something I have to do 🙂
      And the manual doesn’t say not to wear a dress, only mention not to wear loose clothes 🙂
      I guess that if I wear a lycra dress it’ll be fine 😀

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  4. Is there no pizza delivery in your neck of the woods? *Shudder*.

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  5. Should I be reading those safety warnings? I always skip right over them.

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  6. hehehe, I like that power tools line! lol your son is too funny. how old will he be? are you famous for making pizza? xxx

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  7. One.. I like how your son thinks… Donuts for dessert, cake for dinner. I’m down with that. Two, Powertools for Princesses… you should totally get on that.

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