Friday. I really didn’t enjoy shredding. I spent the whole afternoon working on that and you can’t even notice the pile of bushes getting smaller.
The hole where you have to put the branches is very small so mostly I had to break all the branches again and I had to do it by hand because they were too big for the scissors and too small for the chainsaw.
Today everything hurts, specially my hands, my left shoulder and my right forearm. Also my feet because when I couldn’t break the branches with my hands, I stepped on them and pulled until they broke.

In the evening I wasn’t in a good mood. I felt like nothing is happening the way I want it. That’s very frustrating.
Then I went to sleep and I had nightmares. After that there was a big storm that woke me up and lasted too long. I couldn’t fall asleep because I started to think. Of course, not the best thoughts.


Finally I fell asleep, probably minutes before the alarm went off. This morning I woke up and soon after I got some bad news.

It’s not a good day. I want it to get better or to be over soon.

No song, I don’t feel much love in me today.


~ by DotedOn on September 16, 2016.

13 Responses to “752”

  1. I do wish you a better evening and a much better weekend

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  2. Sending you tons of hugs I’m sorry it’s a bad day for you. Hope it gets better this weekend. Love to you xxx

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  3. At least you got the gardening done!

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  4. Did you decide to wear a dress while working? It sounds like you did an awful amount of work. I’m sorry you’re not up to par today and hope your weekend gets better.

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  5. Well, if that is how you handle something too big for the hole.. I’m kind of feeling sorry for any of the men you meet that might have that problem… (yeah, I kind of went there.. o.O)

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