Saturday. I wish it were sunny. Maybe that would make me want to go and shred some more bushes. I’m not nearly a quarter done. I think I got tired thinking about how much work I still have to do.

I went to the store across the road to get a hatchet. A friend suggested to cut the branches with it. He said: “Get one with a hammer head too”.


Mostly, before I go to buy something that I’m not sure I will find by myself, I look up the word in German and write it down so I can ask someone if they sell what I’m looking for.

This time I went there unprepared. I didn’t find a hatchet so I went to one of the employees and described what I wanted. When I say described, you have to read: I mimicked what I wanted.
Imagine me putting a serial killer face and doing like if I was using an axe.
We started walking towards the area where they have the tools, I lift a hammer and I said: “I don’t want this, I want to cut wood”.
She looked at me and said: “Fleisch?” (That means “meat”).
I opened my eyes, put a “maybe” face and kind of nodded a bit… Probably my serial killer face had given her a hint.
She told me to follow her. I did. I thought we were going to the part of the store where they have the gardening stuff. Suddenly she stopped where they have things for the kitchen. She bent and took a wooden meat hammer from one of the lower shelves.


“No, no. I want to cut trees. Wood”.
“Then we don’t have it”.

It’s funny how wrong can communication go. I wanted a hatchet so I pretended to be using one so she could understand me. She thought I wanted a hammer. When I said I didn’t want a hammer and what I wanted was to cut wood she offered me a wooden hammer for meat. She even asked “meat” and my twisted mind thought of a killer using an axe to cut body parts (“meat”).

Probably I should stick with buying everything on-line.

~ by DotedOn on September 17, 2016.

15 Responses to “753”

  1. Paola I like to be ABSOLUTELY sure what I’m buying on-line is actually what I need. Amazon reviews on the whole are very good, you know when people buy from Amazon they go back and write a review, i.e. whether the product is of use or well made and many times I heed their warnings and have also bought when people say ‘it’s very good’, plus I always leave Amazon reviews myself and answer peoples questions!

    ……..and Paola πŸ˜€ get started you lazy ‘toe rag!’. You’re like me, once we make the effort to start a job then it ain’t so bad after all. You’re doing well! x

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  2. OK, this one actually made me laugh out loud, Paola! Thanks for the laugh lol

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  3. Ha, ha! Might not be a bad idea! You could also go in with a picture of the item.

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  4. lol yes stick to online shopping! You probably had her scared senseless hahahaha! xxx

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  5. Ahh… your twisted mind is perfect. Don’t ever change. And yeah, buying things online might be a good idea.

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