Sunday. I’m seriously considering taking pills to sleep. I hate waking up dozens of times every night. And I didn’t think that I was ever going to prefer not remembering my dreams than remembering them.
I had an awful night. Probably my fault. I didn’t have dinner yesterday because I ate some chocolate peanuts and crackers in the afternoon and I wasn’t hungry.
Then I went to sleep too early and I couldn’t sleep (maybe because I was hungry), so I woke up and made myself a sandwich to eat in bed. I also took a package of peanut butter curls and a chocolate bar with me, just in case the sandwich wasn’t enough.
I ended up eating almost everything. It was past 11pm. Then I was thirsty and I drank a lot of water. That made me get up at 5.30am to go to pee.
Then I fell asleep again and at 7.15am my daughter called me because she found a missed call from me. I accidentally called her instead of someone else. I should have sent a message saying she didn’t have to call me back… And if she did, she could wait until 10.30am.

After that I fell asleep again and had a horrible dream. I was living on a hill and I was going home with my daughter. It was really hard to walk up the hill because not all the parts had stairs and some parts were very steep. At one point, my daughter got distracted and I kept walking so I was some distance in front of her when I saw a woman police officer coming down with a walkie talkie and a black car following her. She was giving the car directions how to go down but the car lost control and started rolling down. I started shouting at the people who were coming up to please protect my daughter. I kept shouting like crazy until they said: OK. Then the car passed them and I asked: “Where is she?” but she wasn’t there with them. I woke up sweating and almost crying. It took a while to realize it was just a dream.

After that, I fell asleep again. I dreamt with someone who’s not in my life anymore, who was sending me a lot of love messages and smiley faces and cute things. I woke up really happy just to realized it was only a dream and that there was no chance of that person doing that.
I was really sad and disappointed but I could fall asleep again.

The third dream was a very strange one. I saw a Franciscan monk walking on my front yard. I knew he was coming to my house so I ran upstairs to dress properly. Then he rang the bell and when I opened I saw that he wasn’t alone. There was also a woman monk with him, both of them wearing those brown habits.
Then the man said in Italian: “Please, come to church. We need you there. It’s empty and it looks really sad”
I replied: “Ok, I’ll go with my 5 kids and it’ll look fuller”
He said something like he was looking forward to it and when I was greeting him, my right boob escaped my shirt without me noticing it until I saw the woman monk shaking her head covering her face with one hand.
Then I told my kids we had to go to church and they complained because they had friends over and they were playing nicely.
We went to church and there were 3 persons there and soon after, a show started with a lot of pink, purple and sparkly angels flying around.
My kids were really surprised and so was I. I couldn’t believe how the monks could have all that done in such a short time.
Then we got home and I found that all my kids’ friends were still there and as soon as I asked my kids why, they said: “They just came back”.
I woke up really confused. Why would they lie to me?

I think I’m still confused. Maybe I’ll look up the meaning of those dreams later.
For now, I just want to go back to sleep but I’m afraid. I know they are just dreams. But aren’t my dreams what are keeping me alive?


~ by DotedOn on September 18, 2016.

25 Responses to “754”

  1. Interesting symbolism in those dreams…looking them up could be fun. I think I’m in a period of dreamlessness. I mostly just get woken up several times a night to comfort anxious children.

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  2. I have been dreaming like crazy this week which is weird because I do not remember my dreams all that often anymore. Seroquel knocks me out so hard that I do not think I dream at all. But lately, that’s not the case. I have been waking up very early feeling very anxious, and then I remember the dream I had been having. One of my best friends ever is dying a slow rather undignified death. I think the dreams have something to do with that. I am anxious about the hole in my world that will come when he is gone, and that I won’t be able to handle it. I’ll go back to being sick again, and I don’t want to go to that place again.

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    • I’m sorry about your friend. That really sucks. I can understand you not wanting to go that that place again, it’s dark and cold there.
      And you’ll be able to handle it because he’ll always be there with you. It won’t be easy, but you can do it.
      Hugs 🙂


  3. I think figurative dreams and literal dreams are two different things. Strange, isn’t it?

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  4. Wow Paola you should really do some research on those, I’m so envious, when I wake up my dreams all but disappear, 🙂 you’re a lucky lady.

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  5. And fancy you flashing a boob at Franciscan monks, you naughty girl!

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  6. That’s some freaky stuff, Paola, but one thing I know is that I always have nightmares and extraordinarily weird dreams when I go to sleep on a “too full” stomach :-\

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    • That was the first time in ages that I went to bed on a really full stomach. But the dreams occurred after my daughter called me. So they happened for sure after 7:30am. 🙂


  7. i wish i could remember dreams so clearly like you do. I never can though. I only remember the bad ones. I hope your day got better. xxx

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    • My day got better, luckily 🙂
      For several years I couldn’t remember my dreams. I was keeping track of all the times I did remember them (like 7 times in 4 years!)
      These pasts weeks since I’m more calm (I have no idea why) I’m remembering them more often.

      A few days ago I did what a friend told me he does every time he encounters a problem. He just concentrate and thinks: “I will NOT let this affect me”. And believe it or not, I tried it and it’s working!! 🙂

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  8. Ok…. taking note of what not to eat before I go to sleep. Those are some weird dreams.

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