Wednesday. Today is the 4th birthday of my youngest son. Also the autumn starts. You can feel it’s getting colder. If you were in Argentina today, you’d be celebrating for sure. Today the spring starts, it’s also Student’s Day and Lover’s Day. I’m not sure if it’s still like that but students had the day off during my school years and everyone used to go to parks and have picnics.

That’s how September 21st looked (looks?) like in my city (Buenos Aires)





The weather is(was) not always good but that never stopped people from celebrating.
I think I have that, always a good excuse to celebrate anything. The problem is, celebrating alone sucks and my kids are too young to understand how important it’s to celebrate things. They are sure happy when they see cakes and special food or presents but I want them to get the deep meaning of the celebrations. That some days are more special than others and that we celebrate them because we are grateful. I’m sure they’ll get it, eventually.
Maybe if we start celebrating more things, they will.

I think that if the weather is still nice this afternoon, we’ll celebrate the birthday with a picnic. I’m sure my little one will love it. Not very often we see the sun shining and that alone, it’s a reason to celebrate.

~ by DotedOn on September 21, 2016.

11 Responses to “757”

  1. I’m all for celebrating the everyday things in life 🙂 A picnic sounds wonderful. I hope you do it!

    And those pics in Buenos Aires have a “Central Park” (NYC) feel 🙂

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  2. Yes, who doesn’t need to celebrate more? Happy Autumn! Gosh, it’s here already, huh?


  3. I hope you got to celebrate with a picnic. It sounds like so much fun! xxx

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