Friday. First, I want to apologize for being so behind reading your blogs. I’ll catch up soon when the weather sucks again. Right now, I really want to finish working on the backyard and that’s mostly what I’ve been doing all this time.
I also went shopping a few times. Having a car is dangerous. Everything becomes closer. When the stores are far away, it’s not easy to spend money. But once the stores are all one step away, everything is tempting.
So I went to town with the idea of getting a hatchet. I didn’t find it but anyway, I got 20 other things. Then I got home and I realized I still missed the hatchet so I thought I had to go to town again. And I did.
I went to several stores and I couldn’t find it. They only sold axes. You need two hands to use an axe. And muscles.

See those arms? Hard to miss them.


So I kind of gave up on the hatchet idea.
I thought: “I could collect all the branches that are too small to cut with the chainsaw and too big to fix in the shredder and create some kind of decorative thing with lights on it”, as Donna suggested a few days ago.


So I got some lights. But then I thought: “What would I do with the thing bought?” (I have no idea how that thing is called).


How elegant looks my son with socks and open toes slippers. Almost as cute as me with socks and flip flops. So nice to be behind the camera sometimes.

I got that thing because I had in mind to cut the branches with the hatchet and burn them together with all the twigs that are lying around. My idea was to make my kids collect the twigs with the excuse of roasting marshmallows. If I say: “Help me clean” I know they won’t do it. But “Go and pick the twigs so we can make a fire to roast marshmallows” sounds much better.


When I was going back home, I remembered I hadn’t bought the hair clips I needed (wanted). And that was on the list, so I had to get them.
On the way I pass a kind of dollar store. The kind of store that when you go, you spend many, many dollars. Bastards…
Anyway, I found a few things that I needed (of course!) and when I was going to pay I saw an axe. I couldn’t resist it and I had to get it. I know I’ll swear every time I have to use it, but hey, I needed one, right? And a workout is always good.
Then I went to the line to pay and I realized that I didn’t even go to see the hair clips. So I left the line and went back to look for them promising myself I was ONLY going to get the clips. Of course, I didn’t keep my promise because I found the sugar peanuts that my oldest son was craving for so long and I had to get them.

The new plan is: The branches that are too small for the chainsaw, too big for the shredder and too hard for my weak arms, will go to a decorative art project because I got the lights and I have to use them.

Now the funny thing is, I didn’t want to pay $40 plus shipping to buy the hatchet but if I did, I would have saved a lot of money.

And IT’S FRIDAY, I’M IN LOVE! I heard this song yesterday while I was looking for the thing to burn stuff. I liked the melody. I could only understand when the guy sang: “… so far away from me”.
That’s how I feel almost every day. Everything is far so away from me, specially people.
I was amazed I could find the song since I had never heard it before and I doubted I would remember it later. But I did. And I can relate to every word.
Enjoy Dire Straits,

(written by Mark Knopfler)

Here I am again in this mean old town
And you’re so far away from me
And where are you when the sun goes down
You’re so far away from me

So far away from me
So far i just can’t see
So far away from me
You’re so far away from me

I’m tired of being in love and being all alone
When you’re so far away from me
I’m tired of making out on the telephone
And you’re so far away from me


I get so tired of having to explain
When you’re so far away from me
See you’ve been in the sun and I’ve been in the rain
And you’re so far away from me


~ by DotedOn on September 23, 2016.

26 Responses to “759”

  1. Yes, I suppose having a car can be dangerous. The more money you spend (on gas insurance, etc.) the more money you spend.

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  2. I love the lights idea. Glad you’re going with it.

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  3. Paola I haven’t driven in 27 years, I miss having a car because daily life is so much easier, then again I don’t miss because you are absolutely correct if I had one I’d spend more money! I’ve heard public transport is excellent in Germany. πŸ™‚

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    • The public transport is excellent! But if you live in a small town, you are kind of f#$ked. The buses ride only during school hours and if you want to use them on different times, you have to order them at least one hour before. I could never do it because communicating with them was impossible. And taxis are very expensive πŸ™‚
      I wish I was closer to everything so I could only use my bike πŸ™‚

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  4. Btw I like the fire ‘thing’, lol I love a good bonfire!

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  5. amazing song!

    some times all I want is to be far away from me!

    have a great weekwend!

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  6. Paola, what a post! I guess things in Germany aren’t much different than here in the U.S. with how we spend money (so much more when you have a car) and dollar stores! Just be careful with that axe. Things in dollar stores are not necessarily the best quality. You don’t want that head flying off it’s handle mid-swing! Be sure it’s secure πŸ™‚

    And the marshmallow coaxing was perfect πŸ™‚ Such a creative thinker you are! Now I’m off to the Princeton Book Festival after a night of NO sleep, so I look like a hound dog and feel less than wonderful *sigh* My body behaved like I drank 10 cups of coffee before bed and wouldn’t shut down. SO frustrating ’cause I really want to enjoy the day and I’ll be running on fumes. When I was younger, I could handle it better. It’ll be fun no matter what and you’ll be seeing pics of it on the blog within a few days πŸ˜€

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  7. I’m glad you’re being careful! πŸ˜€

    And the festival was great, as always! In fact, one of my author pals (Josh Funk) is also doing an event at Book of Wonders (http://www.booksofwonder.com/) today while he’s down in this area from Massachusetts, so since my other pals from KidLit TV will be filming the event and possibly some of my NYC pals may go, I decided to take a ride in, though I’m pretty worn out from yesterday lol And one of the books I purchased yesterday and got signed by the author, the illustrator of that book will be at the store so I can get it signed by him, too πŸ˜€ I don’t know if I mentioned that when I go, I also pick up books for my daughter-in-law, her sister and her mother. This “double-signed” book is for her sister’s kids. It’ll be a nice surprise πŸ™‚

    I know I’m nuts, but my boyfriend actually encouraged me to go in. It’s always a “decision” ’cause the G.W. Bridge toll went up to $10.50 (if I get there before 11am on Sunday, otherwise $12.50) and if I can’t get street parking, it could be $20 or more. I’m not buying another book today so that won’t be added to the money spent. When you don’t have any and just spent a chunk of that “money I don’t have” yesterday. it adds up! lol

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    • OK, I just had to tell you I just got back from Books of Wonder. I got lucky and got street parking (free) on that block πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ so I spent that money on the illustrator’s book that lots of people are saying should win the Caldecott. Then, after hearing Angela read her book, I fell in love with it and figured I’d get a double-signed copy of it for my future grandchildren, too, so yeah—being a book fanatic that loves signed copies is a dangerous thing for the pocketbook at these events! lol

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    • I’m glad you had fun and I’m glad you decided to go to the other event! πŸ™‚
      (I know, it always adds up… You should find a way to get free tickets. You are always promoting this events, they should at least give you that! πŸ™‚ )

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  8. There’s no cost to attend, Paola—-the expense is the books, the tolls, the gas and the parking! lol

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  9. Yep, you’ll be seeing it all in my next couple of blog posts. They’re BIG posts so will take time to get them up!

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  10. That will NEVER happen lol They’re all in it to make money, my dear πŸ™‚ I have my little blog. They couldn’t care less, and if they did, I don’t know if I’d get anything for it. Last year the director of the festival did contact me ’cause she loved the blog post, but then something happened and I found out she ended up leaving the position (I think on bad terms 😦 ) which is why she never got back to me. These new people running it are different :-\

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  11. you are so creative to think to do that with those branches! lol about spending so much money. i’m kinda like that too when i shop. i go in for somethng and come home with tons of things. xxx

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  12. Those dollar stores will get you every time… every… single… time.

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