Tuesday. Another night of over six hours of uninterrupted sleep. I feel good. And it’s sunny. I hope it’ll be a very productive day.

I feel calm today. I dreamed I baked a cake and I woke up wanting to bake that cake. Then I remembered that my oven is not fixed yet. I’m also craving cinnamon rolls and honey bread. Ugh, I’m missing my oven now.
The technic said I’d have to wait two weeks and tomorrow will be two weeks. If I don’t hear anything by then, I’ll call them.

I just looked up and dreaming of baking a cake is good.



And it’s specially good if you dream of mixing ingredients that you normally wouldn’t combine.


I’m smiling. In my dream I baked a “Tarta de Santiago”. I never baked that before. It’s a traditional cake from Galicia (Spain). It’s made with ground almonds instead of flour. I tried it once a couple of years ago while visiting my cousins and I loved it. As soon as my oven is fixed, I’ll bake one.


But I doubt I’ll put the Santiago Cross on top. I think I’ll go for some hearts. That’s more me.





~ by DotedOn on September 27, 2016.

8 Responses to “763”

  1. You really realize how much you miss something once it’s gone. Good thing we have microwaves!

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  2. Actually, I’m not one for analyzing my dreams. I feel it’s much like believing in horoscopes, and I most certainly don’t 🙂 But I LOVE the look/sound of that almond cake! 😀

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    • If you get the chance, try the cake, it’s really nice 🙂

      I believe in my dreams so far… It’s like myself giving me messages. Things that I can’t really accept when I’m awake.
      The interpretations are mostly accurate. I know it’s hard to believe and I could make anything fit in any situation… But when that is done in a constructive way, it’s very welcome for me 😀

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  3. Hearts are definitely more you.

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