Saturday. Yesterday, while I was riding my bike on the way to pick my son from kindergarten, I couldn’t stop thinking about the centerfold.
I was just imagining how it would have been if in my younger years, I would have done something like that. And why.
Why would someone pose nude (or semi-nude) for a magazine? For the money? Because they are really comfortable about their looks?
Let’s say I used to have a jaw dropping body in my 20’s/30’s, would I have accepted to be on a magazine? NO. Why not? Because I’m shy and at the time, I didn’t even show the straps of my bra. If I do it now it’s because I found bras whit straps that don’t look like bra straps… Bra straps freak me out more or less like beige underwear.
And what about if I really needed the money? Would I have done something like that? Or porn? Or just get paid for having sex? It’s so easy for me to say NO now because I never had money problems… But, what if? How far could I have gone if I had money problems?

When I was around 13-14, there was a girl, Yamila (probably 16 at the time), known for getting money in exchange for sex. Now I’m thinking, could that be true? Or was just a rumor spread by some asshole boy who couldn’t have his way with her?
Maybe I’m too naive but if she was underage and everybody knew it, why nobody did anything?
Poor Yamila. If you were seen with her, you were practically “burned”. You know that crap of being guilty by association?
She was a really nice girl with no prejudices at all. I never had a problem with her and I never heard about anyone having a problem with her. Could those rumors be true?

If someone spreads bad rumors about you, how would you feel?
If the rumors are true I think that would be like free publicity, but if the rumors are only lies, how would that be? How much would that affect your daily life?


~ by DotedOn on October 1, 2016.

16 Responses to “767”

  1. Yeah, I have feeling that was just cruel adolescent gossip.
    I have never posed nude, provocatively, or even at all for a magazine but I did strip down to my underwear onstage at a club once because it was my friend’s birthday and I have to say it was a very liberating experience. I’m glad I did it.

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  2. I have mixed feelings on this. Probably best not to comment at all or I’d go on forever!

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  3. :/ Wow Paola you’ve written a very thoughtful Post touching on so many themes, and you’ll know I could comment but I won’t, all I will say is I doubt she was paid for sex………I’d guess the stories were rumours spread by unkind children.

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  4. This was a very thought-provoking article Paola.

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  5. OK, I’m trying this again. For some reason my comment wouldn’t go through, no matter how many times I tried…

    It’s all very true, Paola, especially the part of not really knowing what we might do in certain situations. When things are severe enough, it’s possible it can try us in ways that we may depart from certain things. Some things we know, for a fact, we would never do. Other things we believe we would never, but—can’t say “never” definitively.

    I’ve been a victim of rumors and it’s terrible. The thing is, those rumors which can be completely false, if believed, will stick for life. It’s a vicious thing and lies are spread by vicious people. It hurts people and it’s not just kids that do this. I’ve experienced it with adults. It always amazes me how people can do this and live with themselves when they do 😦

    Oh, and by the way, I would say that the people who do things like centerfolds and porn are, in large part (there are always the rare exceptions), in it for the money or for sexual attention/adoration—or both. They want to be objects of lust, period. It’s pathetic :-\ Just today I read that there’s a model who’s ALL about wanting to be lusted after and said it all began with “God’s gift” to her—-her big boobs. I say, quite confidently, that God didn’t “give” her big boobs to use them the way she does *ugh*

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    • Hahahaha 😀 I got the same gift she did and there is no way I could show them like she does 🙂
      Yes, “desperate times call for for desperate measures”… I guess I was never that desperate.
      And I know about the rumors. When I moved here, one of the mothers at the former school said horrible things about me until the rumor got to one of my friends… She went to the lady and said: “You have no idea what you are talking about, you better shut up”. Then my friend told me about it and I said: “Don’t worry, we know it’s not true”. And if the rest of the ladies chose to believe her… well, that’s a shame 🙂 (But I know how much some labels could hurt!) 🙂

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      • I, too, have been “gifted” and am very conscious of not showing my cleavage in public. And rumors and lies have created problems for me since I was a teenager. People are bullies in all kinds of ways, and that’s one of them 😦

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      • True… some assholes should just mind their own business 🙂


  6. I don’t like rumours or people who spread them! they are mostly hurtful and really can destroy your life! xx

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  7. https://goo.gl/HFuIbW

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