Sunday. Today is cold and dark and it really looks like a sad autumn day. I wasn’t looking forward to this. As I wasn’t looking forward to see that the supermarket has already all the Christmas food. I still don’t get why the rush in that. I feel like everything is losing meaning, like nothing is special anymore. If you can eat the ugly Christmas cookies in October, then your memory will stop relating those cookies with Christmas and the smell and taste of Christmas will be different or lost.
I’m not saying I hate eating some of the special food in July, because I’d be lying. But if you start getting everything so many months in advance, the magic is lost. And something that you used to love and look forward to see in December, just won’t be the same.

In my country, you can buy “Pan Dulce”, only in December, around Christmas.


The smell of Pan Dulce makes me happy and sometimes I bake it myself just to remember how it was being with my family in Christmas. But how it would be if I could get it any time? For sure, it won’t be so special anymore.

This morning, after reading the comments of yesterday’s post, I decided to write a bit more about the same subject. Specially after reading what Marissa wrote.


I totally get those mixed feelings. I would never do anything like that because I’m shy. The kind of shy that has problems to go on stage, talk in public, or take off the shirt when I go to the beach. And there is NO WAY I use the communal showers. Or go to a nudist place. And even when many women here in Europe go topless on the beach, there is no way or amount of alcohol that will make me take off my bikini top.
It’s not the same when I’m with my guy. I don’t have a problem then because I’m not shy anymore. And when I’m not shy anymore, I’m the kind of daring that will make your jaw drop. But that only happens when I’m among people I’m totally comfortable with and it never includes nudity (unless we are only 2 in the room).

I’m not the kind of person who can show private parts in public. Of course, that didn’t count when I was breast feeding. Then, I didn’t give a f#$k who saw my boobs. When my babies were hungry, my only focus was them and nothing else mattered.
I’m still amazed how people can be horrified about breast feeding in public. Really? It’s just a mother feeding their baby. Nothing sexual there. I can understand that some people can imagine things and fantasize, but I don’t see why they try to shame the mothers, they are only feeding their babies and not trying to get everyone’s attention.

So I think I’m full of contradictions. I go to the beach and take 45 minutes to take off my shirt. Then my baby cries and I take 2 seconds to let one boob out and start feeding them.
But it’s not the same thing, right? In my mind is not. When I go to the beach I am a woman. When my baby is hungry, I’m a mom. Even if I’m still a woman, my hungry baby is my priority.

And I don’t judge or criticize those women who make porn, pose for magazines or work in the world oldest profession. Specially if they are happy doing what they do. I admire them. But I don’t think the same of someone who says they do it because they need the money desperately. I can understand: “I had to do it once (or a few times)” but keep doing it and complaining about it, is something that I don’t get. Because you know, you have choices.

So you can say I don’t think less of a prostitute or a porn star. But I do think less of a hypocrite (or a liar).


~ by DotedOn on October 2, 2016.

15 Responses to “768”

  1. Breasts are obviously both sexual and required to keep a human infant alive, (breastfeeding in public is a whole other argument so I won’t go there) and I believe men are genetically pre programed to differentiate between the two, that sounds pompous but that’s what I believe. My sister-in-law breast fed each of her 3 sons and me witnessing wasn’t in the least bit sexual……as it is for all men……….she was keeping them alive and I guess that’s why you were comfortable feeding in public. A sensitive subject.

    As for hookers, if they choose sex work as an occupation then that seems perfectly fine. Andrew

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    • Do you think all men can differentiate? I really hope so šŸ™‚
      I didn’t feel so comfortable breast feeding when men I knew were near, but all the other men whom I probably would never seen again, I had no problem at all šŸ™‚

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  2. Thank you for the shout out. So funny because as I was reading the second half, I was thinking, ‘what more can I say than what I wrote yesterday’ but you summed up a lot of what I was thinking in those last two paragraphs. Brava! Well said!

    And yes, can’t they at least wait until Thanksgiving is over to properly introduce Christmas?

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  3. Ah, well, unlike you, Paola, I think less of all of them. It’s how I feel and I’m not apologizing for it. Also, when it comes to breast feeding, I think a woman should do it discreetly…cover the baby and the boob somehow, with a light cloth or something, not so the baby can’t breathe, of course, but discreet. And although I don’t celebrate the holidays in relation to religion or anything anymore, it has always irritated me when things are started too early (it’s all about getting people to spend money early) or the reverse—-when Christmas decor is still up in February or longer. Hate it! lol

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    • Donna I recognise your reply is for Paola but do you mind if I replied also, personally I think less of the men who use escorts rather than the ladies who choose that occupation, in my opinion the paying ‘punters’ are the lowlife. I’m neither proud or worried I lost my virginity to an escort, she was a lovely kind intelligent (extremely) beautiful young lady, I completely understand why society doesn’t approve but in my opinion it’s men who are the abusers by using them. I hope I haven’t offended you, I enjoy WordPress because you can be completely honest. šŸ™‚ Andrew

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      • No offense at all, Andrew! šŸ™‚ We all have opinions about these things and reasons why they are what they are. I’m glad you made the points you did. As for me, I put everyone involved pretty much in the same boat with this: the solicitors AND the clients. The world, in many ways, condones the behavior/practice/mind set, and it doesn’t have to be condoning overtly. It’s the way things are and I’ll never “approve” of it. That’s me! šŸ™‚

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      • Differing opinions make life a little interesting šŸ™‚

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    • I did cover my boobs (as much as I could until my babies were bigger and hated the cloth on their faces šŸ˜€ )
      I don’t really mind the ladies of the night :D. If they are happy with what they do, good for them šŸ™‚
      It’s irritating when the stores start so early!
      Here in March you start seeing the summer clothes. There is NO WAY you can wear those clothes in March, or April… Maybe if you are lucky, you get to wear them in May.
      Why the rush? Everyone is wearing scarves and gloves and you see the mannequins in the stores with tank tops and shorts… WTF!?!
      And you are right! Nothing worse than the Christmas decoration so long after Christmas! šŸ™‚

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  4. all valid points paola! I am shy too and would never do any of those things, but to me, breast feeding is a beautiful thing. xx

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  5. I like an early start! Makes it last longer?!!

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