Monday. Yesterday I sat in the living room with my kids to watch TV. Since they were not paying attention to the TV or to me because they preferred to build tents and fortresses with pillows and blankets, I decided to sneak upstairs and do something for myself.

A couple of weeks ago I bought eye shadow and I wanted to learn how to use it. The package came with instructions so I decided to follow them on one eye and see how I looked. Then I wanted to try the “cat eye” look on my other eye, so I searched some YouTube videos.

Holy f#$K! Applying eye make up is not easy.
Why do you need primer on your eye? And do you really need different brushes? I think I need to follow a course to know the name of each brush. And I don’t have brushes, I only have the crappy things that came with the eye shadow boxes. That stick with a spongy thing on top.

So I started with my right eye. I used the black and grey colors of the palette.
Then I followed a video and did my left eye. This time, I used browns.

When I wanted to paint my lips, I discovered I got fever blisters again. Ugh.

I was amazed to see how much time some women take to put eye shadow. They put one layer of the light color. Then another color . Then comes the blending with the special brush. Then a darker color. Blending again. Then the eyeliner. Oh man! I f#$ked up my eye because I can’t do a straight line… Or probably I did a straight line instead of following the curve of my eyelid. In any case, I made a mess that was freaking hard to fix.

A couple of minutes later, my daughter came to my bedroom:

“Wow, mom!”
“What did you do?”
“I put eye shadow. Why?”
“It looks terrible!”
“Thank you! What’s wrong with it?”
“I don’t know!”

Then my 2nd son came to my room:

“What happened to your face?”
“I’m wearing make up”
“You look like a zombie”
“Thank you!”
“Why are you wearing make up?”
“I want to learn how to use it. Which eye do you like more?”
“Please, pick an eye” So I covered first one eye and then the other one, so he could choose.
“The brown one looks more normal”

A bit later it was time to get dinner ready. My 3rd son realized that something was different, so he said:

“Mom, you look creepy”
“I don’t know, you look like Oma” Oma is my ex mother in law. Let’s say that if there is a series of insults that hurt me, that one is the most painful.
I was speechless. I didn’t know how react.
“Why do you say that?”
“I don’t know, Oma always puts make up on her eyes”
“OK, listen to this: NEVER EVER EVER again, compare me to Oma. Do you understand? Choose anything else, I don’t care what, but don’t you ever again compare me to Oma”

Then it was dinner time. We all sat at the table and my oldest son said:

“Mom, you like an Emo”
“Thank you!”

If you wonder what an Emo is, this is the top definition that you get on urbandictionary.com





So, my sweet kids didn’t like me with make up. They never saw me wearing eye shadow before and I think they were shocked.
Did I look that bad? What was the problem? The lack of experience? Not having the right brushes? Wrong choice of colors?

I wished I could ask someone else how I looked, instead of them.
I could handle “terrible”, “zombie” and “Emo” but the f#$king Oma part made me cringe and that’s why I didn’t take pictures to show you.

I’ll keep practicing until I get a look I like.
It can’t be that difficult.


~ by DotedOn on October 3, 2016.

18 Responses to “769”

  1. Ask your hairdresser friend to apply it for you. They usually are taught to apply makeup in beauty school. And you mentioned that she wears lots of makeup. She will be a perfect teacher. LOL!!

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  2. First, I have to say these “Emos” are terrifying! lol You do NOT want to look like that!

    Paola, you’re already pretty so if you’re gonna do the make-up thing, you don’t have to go heavy. I’m not familiar with this “primer” stuff, but if you put a very thin layer of foundation on your face (I started using it maybe 10 years ago when I learned that it helps hold the powder and your make up lasts longer—and it does—I water it down a lot so it’s barely there, but does the trick), that’s all you really need. These women that use all this stuff are caked with make up and it’s disgusting. The only time that’s necessary is in film and photography when they’re under strong lights.

    I only use the foam applicators that come with POWDER shadow (it’s the only stuff I use, everything’s powder but the foundation and mascara). You want “soft,” not stark. I also prefer browns and natural tones and only recently added—very minimally—green because my eyes are mostly an olive green. Anyway, don’t make yourself crazy, and if you want a more defined look, use brown lightly to shadow in the crease area and around the outline of your eyes but not the bulk of the lid. That’s my opinion 🙂

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    • I want to learn all the styles 🙂
      I’m so bored sometimes!! 😀 Now I have new toys (make up!!).
      The part I really don’t like is taking the make up off… Ugh.
      I don’t have foundation, maybe I should get some and use that as a base. I don’t dare to put it on all my face because if I d it the same way I color my hair, OMG, I’ll miss many spots and I’d look awful 😀

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  3. Ha, ha! I wear a little makeup every day and sometimes more on the weekends when I have time to wear my pretty eye shadows but I never get into these big applications. I take ten minutes tops applying and if I take that long it’s just because I’m playing around with the colors. So funny they called you emo! I know all about emo—emo to the extreme-o!! Anyway, if you want to send me pics I will try to give honest criticism but don’t worry if you don’t want to. I’m mostly just curious to see!!

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  4. well damn! make up is overrated! I only wear it when going out on a special occasion! My sister wears it every day. No way I could. lol bout the kids calling you all those things. kids are really honest and will always tell the truth though! 🙂 xxx

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  5. I’m seriously hoping there are some photos you posted of your attempts in later posts… seriously.

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