Tuesday. Last week, for my 2nd son’s birthday, we went to eat out together with my ex because he had to work very early Saturday morning and he couldn’t stay with the kids for the weekend.
He came to pick us up and we went to a town 18km/10mi north from here. We parked the car and went walking to the café.
I was holding my youngest son’s hand a few steps ahead of the rest and at one point, I turn around to ask something to one of my kids and caught my ex taking pictures of me.
“WTF are you doing?”
“I never saw you wearing heels”
“That’s not true! You didn’t like me wearing sandals because you hated my feet so I never wore them”
“And please, delete the pictures”

While we were eating I asked: “Did you delete the pictures?”
“Why not?”
“Because I like them. I never saw you so thing before”
“I don’t like you to have pictures of my ass!!”
“Ok, I delete them”

Yesterday when he came to pick my youngest son to bring him to the doctor for his annual check up, he found me wearing make up. I was practicing again with the eye shadows.
He looked at me and he said:
“That’s not fair!”
“You are wearing make up!”
“No, I’m practicing to wear make up some day”
“But you never wore make up when you were with me”
“Are you f#$king kidding me? You HATED me when I had make up on! If I wore make up or if I dressed a bit different, you asked: ‘Where do you think we are going?'”
“That’s not true!”
“Really? Think about it”
“I think we should all get a “Demo” with a person first. Then we get to test the product and if we like it, we buy it”
I was about to say: “In that case, I would have NEVER bought you”, but I just smiled and nodded.

Sometimes men really piss me off. They piss me off badly. I can’t tell if all of them are like that but I have a list of men that realized what they had after they lost it.
They didn’t hear the warnings.
I’m the kind of person who has a lot of patience and doesn’t give up so easily. I try to fix everything once and then again and again. But then there is the moment I see that I won’t win or get anything good from a situation, so I quit and move on.
It’s exactly then when these men realized I was serious. They had ALL of me and they rejected it. Then when they had nothing at all, they miss me.

Most women I know keep telling me: “They always want what they can’t have”.

I’m still shaking my head. Assholes! Why would they go for the drop when they can have the stream?

Now is time for me to work in my driveway. My kids have two weeks holidays and I checked the forecast and this will probably be the last week of nice weather.


~ by DotedOn on October 4, 2016.

10 Responses to “770”

  1. The nerve of him to even want you in make up and heels!

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  2. You are right—men (most, not all!) can be exasperating. I’m sure, though, seeing as we are different genders, we (women) can be just exasperating to them simply ’cause they can’t think outside their own box. It makes relationships more than frustrating. Ugh.

    I hope you get all your work done so you can feel in control before the bad weather hits 🙂

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    • Not all the work done, just in progress 🙂
      I know, there are good men… I just seem to be avoiding them lately 😀 (And that lately is the last 25 years!!) 🙂


  3. men always miss what they don’t have, because they are dumb and never tell the person when they are with them how much they appreciate them or love them or how nice they look! xx

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  4. “In that case, I would have NEVER bought you” bwahahah… you should have totally said that to him.

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