Thursday. I can’t believe how long the yard work is taking. My hands hurt and I’m really sick of it.
I went to the store to get another pair of gloves because I already destroyed 3 pairs and what’s left of them, it’s not so protective anymore.
That store mostly has a section with all the gardening stuff and tools, so I went straight there and I found a panel blocking the entrance with a sign saying something like: “Christmas stuff coming soon”.
Really? Am I too late for gardening or they are f#$king early for Christmas?
That put me in a bad mood that got worse when I remembered that yesterday I had prepared something to give to my kids for dinner and left it on the counter until my youngest son came to the kitchen and started eating from the pan, so I hid it in the oven and I forgot about it completely.
I hate throwing away food so I decided to serve that for breakfast. You have to know that I DO NOT cook anything for breakfast. I give my kids bread (sometimes I toast it in the oven) and ham, cheese, jam, peanut butter, Nutella or any other kind of spread that I have. And if I feel like cleaning cereal from the walls, lamps, ceiling and floor, I give them cereal too. Rarely I prepare eggs or anything else.
This morning was one of those rare days. I prepared what I had forgotten yesterday and I added to that eggs and cheese. That made my kids really happy, of course, but it made me quite miserable because the dirty dishes pile got bigger.

Maybe that seems unimportant to most of the world’s population but it’s a big deal to me. I can’t get rid of the piles of things I have to do. Dirty dishes pile, laundry pile, clean clothes pile, clothes to sort out pile, folded clothes pile, branches to shred pile, mail to process pile… I’m suffocating here. I can’t get any pile to disappear. And I can’t even make them smaller. It’s so tiring!

Next week I’ll be alone and I really hope I can rest. I only wish to sit on my couch and do nothing while having my mind “pile free”.


~ by DotedOn on October 6, 2016.

18 Responses to “772”

  1. A man can work from sun to sun
    But a woman’s work is never done

    That’s an old saying and probably pretty chauvinistic but still mostly rings true. I give my kids granola bars for breakfast.

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  2. I usually do the laundry at my home, and I can’t stand it – especially the socks. It’s funny how happy I become when I realize the next load is only towels and easy to fold!

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  3. hope you have a relaxing week next week! 🙂

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  4. Next week just make a pile of drinking glasses, and lots of wine!!

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  5. A mother’s job is 24/7 with no vacation! Next week, I hope you totally spoil yourself and indulge your every whim. You definitely deserve it.♥ 🙂

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  6. Right now I have dishes stacked up in the sink and on the counter. In the bedroom I have a load of clothes that need folding. I know they’ll still be there tomorrow morning and probably the morning after that. I know there’s a great sense of accomplishment when I get those things done, but it doesn’t motivate me enough.

    Enjoy next week to the fullest!

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