Saturday. We have a saying in my country: “Al mal paso, dale prisa”. You could translate is as: “Hurry the misstep” and it’s the equivalent to “Let’s get it over and done with”.
That’s why I decided to tidy up my kids’ closets… Also because the owner of the house is coming on Monday to check the bathroom window that for some reason when it rains hard, it leaks and I end up with a flooded floor.

So my reasoning for hurrying the misstep is this one: The guy will go upstairs and will see the piles of dirty laundry that I have in the bathroom that I didn’t wash because I have piles of folded and unfolded clean clothes in my bedroom that I never put away because the closets were packed with things that were too small for each kid (and I was too lazy to sort out).
So now I have the perfect excuse (I can’t escape this time) of doing something that I HATE with all my heart and that is tiding up the f#$king closets.
I truly avoided doing it as much as I could. To be honest, I was actually waiting for my mom to visit so she could do it for me but since my grandma is not doing well and my dad’s is still recovering, instead of coming here and work for me, they’ll go for a week on holidays. And I applaud them. It’s been a hell of a year for them and they need a rest. I’m happy they are finally putting themselves first.

So here I am swearing with each piece of clothing that I touch because I have to unfold it, check the size, fold it again and then, put it in the right closet. It’s a lot of swearing. And add to that some more swearing when my kids don’t want to try something on.
I wish there was only one way of labeling/tagging (?) the different sizes of clothing so I could do the sorting really fast. But each country (and brand) uses its own. And apparently, an eight years old child in one country is the size of a four years old child in another country… Add some more swearing for that.

The good news is that I have one closet done and there are only 4 to go… I’m not doing mine. My closet is really big, it’s for two persons, so I can have double the amount of crap until my mom visits.

Believe it or not, I finished the driveway. One job done.


And WTF! One minute ago the oldest daughter of the mom who has 7 kids just came with two bags of clothes for my youngest son. She has 2 boys about the same age as my middle boys, and 5 girls, three of them are younger than mine.
So it was time to act fast. I filled a bag with girls clothes so she didn’t leave with empty hands.

I’ll go back to the torture before it gets dark. If I finish today I’ll be the happiest mom in town.

~ by DotedOn on October 8, 2016.

12 Responses to “774”

  1. First—that beautiful “paver” driveway with expertly trimmed trees looks amazing! You should feel SO proud of yourself, Paola šŸ™‚

    And it’s so ironic she would show up with clothes on a day you’re sorting them. You didn’t want more, but it’s actually good timing WHILE you’re doing it instead of done. You’ll be SO glad once it’s all done. It always feels like a big weight lifted and that ALways feels good šŸ˜€

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  2. Oh yes, cleaning out closets is something I will put off forever but then you have to do it because there is no room for the new clothes. Luckily I only have mine and my daughter’s to do because my son is old enough to do it for himself I think. Sometimes if I find something I don’t wear anymore or something that’s too small for my daughter, I’ll just toss it out and do it little by little.

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  3. Cleaning, what a nightmare. Just think though. Once its done you will be happier and the kids bedrooms will be cleaner

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  4. The drive looks great, the owner will be pleased šŸ™‚

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  5. First, that driveway looks great. Good job! Woot Woot! Second… um… there was a second, hold on, I have to find it again… tick tock tick tock…Oh yeah.. you know, one of these days, you’re going to have to make a video of you swearing. I would totally love to laugh at that… I mean, see. Yes, I mean I would totally love to see that.

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