Wednesday. A couple of days ago, I was thinking about my teen years and the guys that I dated. I was trying to find a pattern. I wanted to know what kind of man was attracted to me in the different periods of my life.

So, which kind of guys did I attract? The ones I didn’t like, of course! Not that I didn’t like them physically. I just didn’t like their attitude.
I never fell for the popular boy or the one that all the girls liked.
And I really despised the “bad boys”. I mean, those guys that were sent to the principal office almost every day. Those guys really got to my nerves because in a way, they were too popular. Or I don’t know what was wrong with them but I felt that they were constantly calling for attention.
And you probably guess already that exactly those “bad boys” were the ones after me.
The funny part is that if you asked me if I liked any of them, I probably answered: “I’d never touch him, not even with gloves or with a 4m/12ft long stick”.

And again, I was wrong because I ended up dating some of those “bad boys” and at the time I couldn’t stop thinking if I secretly liked them all the time of if they truly won my heart.
I only remember my friends’ faces: “Are you dating XXXX?!?! But you despised him!!”
I was speechless because it was as much of a surprise for me, as it was for them.

Then the years passed and I was in my early 20’s.
Holy f#$k! ALL the older men were after me. Or that’s what my sister said at the time. I’m still not sure why it was but I guess it was because of my physical appearance.
That was my conclusion many years later when I was talking with a friend who’s more or less my dad’s age and he compared me with Sophia Loren (hell, I wish!).

So, older men out there: Did your “taste” in women changed with the years? Is it true that when you were in your 20’s you like skinny girls and now with the years you crave a little flesh to squeeze?
I always had plenty of flesh to squeeze so I guess that’s why those men were attracted to me.
And you guess that right again, I didn’t like older men. For some reason, I only dated younger guys.
So if we go back in time (about 20-24 years), this would be a normal dialogue in my house:

“Mom, I met a guy”
“How old is he?”
“Three years younger”
“Another one for the kindergarten”
And the conversation continued something like this:
“Mom, that’s because I’m thinking about the future. What would you rather have? A younger man who can take care of you when you are old or an old man and you’ll be the one taking care of him?”
“Paola, you always have something to say”
“I do!”

Then I met the nice Dutch man and I moved abroad. He was attracted to me and I liked his friend. But he won my heart.

After that, I met the man who became the father of my kids. He liked me first and of course, he won my heart. That didn’t work out either.

I wish I could write about the men who are attracted to me right now, but I can’t because there are not such men.
The only man who approached me in this past 2 years, was the incredibly drunk married man. And I still wonder why he did it:

1- Because he was drunk?
2- Because he was looking for an adventure?

I don’t like any of those reasons.

Anyway, I think I found a pattern (and it took me only 30 years!).

My conclusion is that I always dated men who were attracted to me first and later won my heart.
And so far, that never worked.

I need a man who, as we say in my country, “me mueve el piso”. (Literally “shakes my ground”). That means someone who I REALLY TRULY like. Someone who has an earthquake effect in me.
No more settling for men who are attracted to me. I’m a softly and they always find a way to win my heart.
I need to be attracted to them first. Or even better, the attraction should be at the same time.

Now I only want the natural disasters’ effects. I want to be thunderstruck. I want a man who can shake my ground and I want to be flooded with love.

I want all that and I’m asking for it. Because if I don’t ask, I will not get.


~ by DotedOn on October 12, 2016.

12 Responses to “778”

  1. I think our tastes do change somewhat, but of course, I can only speak for the women. I liked the bad boys when I was younger but eventually just got sick of their stupidity and settled down.

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  2. Young beautiful women are nice to admire from afar, you know cute and curvy! But it’s older women who turn me on, our secretary at work is …………well a young Grandma and she’s fabulous.

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  3. Very thought provoking…when I was young, I liked older men. Now that I am older, those old men just don’t have the same appeal. Come to think of it…no one has that appeal. I hope your theory proves true, and someone comes into your life who is just for you!

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  4. i hope you find him paola! You deserve that! xxx

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  5. My biggest problem is that I always let my heart and chemistry guide me. It’s never really been good to me, but that’s the way it goes 😦 I hope you find a good man who’s “right” for you, Paola πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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