Monday. My kids are back. As soon as they got in the house they asked: “Mom, where did you hide grandma?”
“The house is too clean. That only happens when grandma is here”
I had to laugh. I wish I had filmed that so I could show it to my mom.
Two minutes later they started throwing a few things on the floor. “This feels more like home”.
They really made me laugh. I love my kids.

Believe it or now, I lifted my heavy ass from the comfy chair and rode to the main town.
I took A LOT of pictures. Don’t expect great shots because most of the times, I don’t stop to shoot.

Let’s start again from my driveway.


This time, I went to the left. Next to my house, there is an empty field who belongs to the brother of the owner of this house. He never got the permits to build, so he rents the land to a farmer who keeps a white horse there.
You can also see a bit of the rest of the street.


Then if you go again to the left, you get to the main road.


And on the main road, I went to the right.


I was a bit disappointed because the trees are still green. I really wanted to see the autumn in action.



That’s me on my bike (I’m wearing make-up!!!). A couple of years ago, I couldn’t cycle only with one hand. It took a lot of me to learn how to do it but I had to. In Holland, YOU HAVE TO indicate where you are going, unless you are really interested in learning some pretty nasty Dutch insults.
So if you want to turn to the right, you must extend your right arm.
Here in Germany, there is not such a thing (and if there is, nobody uses it), which is quite annoying. It really saves a lot of lives.
So now I can ride my bike with one hand only and take pictures with the other hand or put on some lip balm. You have no idea how proud of myself I am because I can screw back the lid of the lip balm without ending with my legs facing the sky. (I hope I didn’t speak too soon).


If you go a bit further, that’s what you see.


The road is not completely flat. It has a few little hills that you can only see with your legs.


That’s the last curve before getting there. That’s when you wish you had bionic legs or a motor instead of the gears of your bike broken (like I do).
Can you see the castle on top of the hill?


That last piece guarantees you a red face and a sweaty back. But I learned how to minimize that. I leave my bike at the foot of the hill before going to town. Mostly in the same spot every time, in front of the Catholic Church of St. Johannes.


The last couple of times I was there, the church was closed and I felt a bit sad because when I’m in a church, it’s the only time I can hear my thoughts.

So I decided to check if this time it was open and to my delight, it was. And not only that, it was completely empty and all for myself.

So I sat down to breath, lose some red of my cheeks and let the sweaty back get dry. Meanwhile, I took some pictures.


The only problem was that every time I took a picture, the noise of the camera echoed everywhere and I was afraid someone came to tell ask me what was I doing.


The church is not really big and I wonder how full it gets during mass. I know there is only one way to find out… Maybe one day.

I’m not sure if you can see in the picture above but on top of the mural, there is painted a plate with a head on it. That creeped me out a bit. I think I’ll have to go with binoculars and see if I was having hallucinations or if that’s really what I saw.

That’s the organ. I thought it was beautiful.


I wanted to take better shots of the church but I couldn’t. I had my ass almost against the bushes and I couldn’t get the whole picture.


That’s the view of the castle from the church.


And that’s all for today.

~ by DotedOn on October 17, 2016.

11 Responses to “783”

  1. Nice pics! Wow, I would have a lot of trouble riding a bike with one hand! The make up looks good…very understated!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Paola I love your photographs and what a nice day for a bike ride, I can’t believe the roads are so flat, everywhere round here are hills!!!! and who’s the classy looking woman you took a picture of? As you may remember from my blog I enjoy exploring churches as well however I’m a lapsed believer!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. πŸ™‚ Nice scarf btw, looks like there’s every colour under the sun on there

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for the tour!

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  5. you are a photo nut! hahahahahaha ❀ but did you enjoy yourself taking all the pics? xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • I enjoy taking pictures and I really like when people look at me probably thinking: Why is she taking a picture of that? Sometimes I feel like saying: I write a blog and I HAVE to share this πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

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