Wednesday. I’m shivering. I got soaked when I went to bring my son to kindergarten and my hands froze. It’s cold, I have a runny nose and I can’t warm up. It’ll be a miracle if I don’t get sick.

I think last Sunday was the last warm day of the year. I’m glad I decided to go out and enjoy it.
It looked like everyone had the same idea because the town was full of people. That’s not strange because the castle is quite a big tourist attraction, and seeing also that all the cafés still had the tables outside, made me feel good.

The picture below is from the street that goes uphill to the castle. The Catholic church is on the right behind me.
The white building is the restaurant/café where once a very drunk AND married German man talked to me (actually, he babbled). That was the only time a man approached me since I live here. And he had drunk half a brewery before. Not the best boost for my self esteem.


You can go to the castle using the stairs. But I think that’s for the brave (or the ones who got there by car).


These are different shots of the castle.





You can’t see it very well but behind that wall is the castle’s café. Sometimes they serve special medieval menus so you can taste how people used to eat long ago.







This time, I didn’t go in the castle. It’s really nice inside and I’ll visit it again for sure but I don’t like to do it alone or when is so full of people.
Not everyone is interested in the same things and there is nothing more annoying than people putting pressure on you to move.


Behind that wall, you can see the Castle’s Garden. That’s by far my favorite part.


This is what you can see from behind the wall.


When you enter the castle, you are allowed to visit the towers and the view from there to the gardens, it’s breathtaking.

I took the picture below last year when my cousins were visiting. You can see the fountain completely from the top of the tower.


When you leave the castle, you can see the small towns around.


I’m in a café in front of the castle. My idea was to show you a view from up there but you can’t see much.


And that’s the café where I was standing to take the pictures. Also full of people.

If you go to the right from there, you end up in the town square (about 2 blocks away).

The street is full of cafés and some other stores. I can tell that since the first time visited the town (probably 16 years ago) until this day, the stores changed several times.
Every now and then there is a souvenir shop on that street but it was always missing when I had to buy a souvenir.




Below you can see the town square. That’s another thing that changed about 20 times with the years. Let’s say everything is different every time I go. The only exception is the ice cream parlor in the middle of the picture. That’s always there (but every couple of years it has a different name).



Next time I’ll show you my favorite part, the gardens.

~ by DotedOn on October 19, 2016.

14 Responses to “785”

  1. It’s beautiful! Yes, I would want to avoid crowds up there too!

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  2. We’ve had frost already, but now we’re strangely up to summer temps after a big storm. Weather is weird. I’ll take whatever warmth I can get though.

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  3. I love your photos you have a real eye for composition, when you were in London did you ever visit The Tower of London?

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  4. Love the pics. Makes me want to pack up and take a vacation.

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  5. Beautiful photos. 🙂

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  6. sounds like you can get great pictures where you live! and yum, icecream, do they sell good flavours of icecream in the icecream parlour? xxx

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