Monday. If you celebrate, Happy Halloween! I’m not sure if I can say I’ll be celebrating but I just made a peanut butter cheesecake and I plan to put some candy with snake shape coming out from it. I thought they were worms but I was wrong. I hope my kids like it. I know my kids will like it. Cake and candy it’s like a dream for them.
I was also planning on making some kind of food that looks creepy but I’m not sure I’ll feel like cooking later.
There is this Dutch dish called “Stamppot” that’s made with mashed potatoes and some other vegetable. You have different kinds.
One of those kinds is made with red cabbage and once it’s done, it looks purple.


But if while you are cooking it you don’t add any acid ingredient, you end up with a creepy looking blue puree. Let’s see if I feel like going to the store to get red cabbage.
I already know I won’t feel like peeling potatoes so I better add to the list: instant mashed potatoes.

This morning I feel like if someone hit me on the head with a heavy pillow. I’m slower that usual and I don’t understand why. I’ll blame it on the change of time because that made me pout yesterday when my daughter video called me at 5.30pm and she had just showered, had her pajamas on and was going to bed…
I can understand my ex being tired but come on! I think it was too early. I hope she decided not to go to sleep for at least 3 more hours.
I must admit that I felt like going to bed at 5.30pm too. It was completely dark and you couldn’t hear any noise.

I’m curious if tonight kids will come asking for candy. Last year two cute girls wearing costumes knocked on my door.
The year before that, nobody came on Halloween but many kids came with lamps and sang to me somewhere in November celebrating St. Martin. They also wanted candy.


I had no idea that I needed to have candy for that occasion. Last year I got candy specially for that, and nobody came.
So this year I’m prepared for both occasions. I don’t want again the crazy woman shouting at me for not knowing the German customs.
I thought she was mad at me but I discovered later that she’s mad at everything. She talks to herself and a few weeks ago she was chewing my ex’s ass because my kids had left a ball in the front yard. MY front yard.
He was speechless. Anyway, I let the woman unload all her craziness on him and then I told him: “She has some problems, don’t worry”.
We all have problems but I think that the idea is not to let YOUR problems affect other people.


~ by DotedOn on October 31, 2016.

6 Responses to “797”

  1. Well, if she yelled at your ex, maybe she wasn’t too bad. Mmmm…peanut butter cheesecake…I’m going to your house for Halloween!

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  2. I dislike people who are awkward nasty and grumpy for the sake of it, if a ball goes in the yard so f#cking what!!! Who cares 😀

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  3. glad you had a nice Halloween. that peanutbutter cheese cake, yum. send some to me! xoxo

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