Tuesday. Already November and I just checked next week’s weather forecast and among the hideous rainy clouds, I saw a freaking snowflake. It can’t snow in November. It just can’t. I’m not sure where I should complain about it. I only know things will get really ugly if I wake up one day next week and I see snow.
I don’t even want to think about it. I don’t need that stress.

Do you know what happened a couple of days ago? My friend Aaron sent me this:


Isn’t that unfair? 100°F is almost 37.8°C. Not even in summer we had that temperature. I don’t really like when it’s too hot but please understand me, the stupid snowflake freaked me out.
Things seem to be like this now: we get snow in November and then we need winter jackets until May… Sorry but, global warming my ass! I feel like I’m living in the New Ice Age.

Yesterday’s cheesecake was amazing and my kids loved it.


I didn’t prepare any creepy food because my 3rd son asked to eat spaghetti with carrot sauce and I said: “Only if you peel the carrots”. He was more than happy to do it and me too. When they willingly help, it’s like winning a jackpot for me.

Later in the evening, a bunch of kids wearing costumes knocked on my door asking for candy. I wish I could understand what they said. They all screamed at the same time and when I started to count them to know how many pieces of candy I needed, they all said: “Acht Kinder!” (8 kids!).
They were so cute!

I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures this time. I will do it next year because I’m sure the amount of kids will multiply. And I hope my kids are with me so they can go Trick or Treating too.


~ by DotedOn on November 1, 2016.

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  1. Oh, Paola, I hear you about the snow. A few days ago there was snow just north of us and it made me really nervous! I’ve been having increased trouble with my hands the past two years and it’s been shoveling that did it. Now the problem is much more severe and I know I won’t be able to shovel but my parents can’t do it 😦 Anyway, I really get the distress!

    That cheesecake looks SO cool and I’m sure it was delicious 🙂 What I’m even more impressed with is that your kids love carrot sauce! I never heard of it actually. And wanting to help—it’s a wonderful thing 😀

    I don’t actively celebrate holidays anymore, but my mother still likes to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters. I’ll do it since she’s got the candy here and, of course, I love seeing little ones (3 years old and under) dressed up in cute costumes 🙂 We only got about 10 kids yesterday, half of whom we knew, so we have WAY too much candy here. It didn’t make sense that the parents chose to go to the malls (it became a thing over the past 30 years) instead of door to door yesterday ’cause the weather was gorgeous! Just laziness…

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    • I didn’t know about the mall thing! Maybe the parents need a treat for themselves too 🙂
      The snow really changes my mood. I also should shovel every time but I did it only once. 🙂 It’s NO FUN at all!
      The carrot sauce is just mashed carrots with cream and cheese 🙂

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      • No, the parents are just lazy sometimes. If the weather’s nice, there’s no “good” reason to be indoors, AND…

        I’m thinking it’s recipe time 🙂 Amounts and instructions for that carrot sauce!

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      • There is nothing more stressful than a mall!! 🙂

        And I never measure because it’s my own recipe. But for about a pound of pasta I use 6 medium carrots. I boil them with a bit of salt. Then I use the machine to mash them and I add a bit of cream (or cream cheese if I have) and some chunks of cheese. I also add some pepper and olive oil. 🙂
        Sometimes I do it using squash or pumpkin 🙂

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      • This sounds delicious, Paola 😀 What kinds of cheese chunks? Do you add them after the sauce is cooked?

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      • Any cheese! And I add it after I mashed the carrots 🙂


  2. Yes, definitely feel you on the winter jackets from November to May. That can be difficult! Glad you had a happy Halloween!

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  3. You’re not alone Paola, I feel the cold as well, if only humans went to sleep in autumn them hibernated till March……….that’d do me.

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  4. i’m happy the cake was a success! lol about snow. its 36 degrees f here 1 degree c lately. i’m freeeeeezing brrrrr! xoxo

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    • For some strange reason, it’s about 13 degrees C now. It’ll change in 2 days, it’ll go below 0… Not looking forward to that!… And it’s only November… Still a long way to go! 🙂

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