Wednesday. I’m very stressed today. I spent some time this morning talking to the Italian consular offices because I never declared that I moved to Germany and now my son’s passport expired and we have to renew it. Also my passport will expire in a couple of months and I don’t want to say that I’m still living in my ex’s house because that’s not true.
So I called the nearest consulate and the asshole who picked the phone was SO rude that I had to control myself not to tell him to go f@#k himself. Not only he didn’t help me, he also treated me like if I was stupid and ignorant.
Every freaking country has their own rules and while I lived in Holland things worked in a way and since I didn’t know if things were the same way here in Germany, I called to ask. And of course, the asshole didn’t like me asking. He said: “Why are you calling me? You should call the consulate in your province”.
I didn’t know that.
In the end, I was glad I have to do everything in another consulate because if everyone is like him in that consulate, I’d seriously consider changing nationality.

I really dislike rude people and it makes me sick that they are the ones handling “customer support” or giving information.

Later I called the other consulate and the guy was much nicer.
I was planning on doing everything via email but I think I’ll make it a day trip and go for the day to Hannover.

The other thing stressing me is that I have to ask my ex to give his consent to renew my son’s passport. He’s making it VERY difficult and that’s making me really nervous.
Why everything has to be this way? I feel so discouraged.


~ by DotedOn on November 2, 2016.

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  1. Yes, especially when you’re dealing with ‘the man’! Hope everything ends up going your way!

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  2. I hate rude people too. hopefully your ex wont make it too difficult. xx

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  3. A day out in Hanover sounds nice 🙂

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  4. OK, the first thing I have to ask (because it’s REALLY pissing me off) is WHY does your ex have to deny your son of something like that? Who is he trying to hurt? Your son? If he’s trying to make life difficult for you, it should NEVER involve your children. It angers me to no end.

    And it really does stink when people take out on callers, etd. what they either aren’t in the mood to deal with or have the patience for, or from other person putting them in a bad mood. It happens to often 😦

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    • He thinks that one day I will take my kids and disappear. I wouldn’t do that. But once when he was shouting at me in MY HOUSE, I told him that the next time he did something like that, he was going to come to pick the kids and ring the bell till no end because I was going to take the kids and leave and good luck trying to find me 🙂

      He knows he can’t hurt me anymore so he uses my kids in a way to do it. Sometimes he’s a real asshole and then sometimes he realizes what he did and he feels bad about it… But it’s always TOO LATE! 🙂


  5. *too

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