Thursday. It’s really cold outside. Not freezing yet but that will happen next week. As long as it doesn’t snow, I think I’m ok.

I got an email from the owner of the house; he’s coming with the roofers next Monday to check the bathroom window. That means that we’ll be cleaning the house this weekend. How fun!

A couple of days ago, I heard from a friend that Germany doesn’t have street view. You can look up an address and see it from the sky but there is no way you can see the street like you would in many other places.
Apparently, people here really like their privacy.

I’ll show you the street views of my town now. You’ll see there is nobody on the street. The pictures were taken on a Sunday at about 3.30pm.

That’s the street of the big church. The picture below is not really good but you can see a fountain if you pay close attention.


A few steps away from the fountain, there is a Gasthaus (guesthouse) or Bed and Breakfast. I think the building also has a bar. Maybe one of these evenings I’ll walk there to check it out.


If you go a bit further, you have the doctor’s office, a flower shop, a salon, and an art gallery on the right and on the left, you have a driving school and a store that used to sell antiques that it’s closed since I moved here.
The building you see in the middle is the bakery. I’ve never been there.


If you go straight ahead, you find an English academy and a stationary store.


You see two banks on the left and an Ayurvedic massages place.


Across the street there is another place where you can get massages. Thai massages.


If you go continue a bit more, you can see on the right the dentist’s office, a museum and something else that I still didn’t understand what it is.


Then you have the fire station and a toy store.


On the left you find a dry cleaner, ice cream parlor, something that used to be like a social center but now it’s in a bigger building, a cafe, a pharmacy and the school.




Between the pharmacy and the cafe, you find the street that goes to the mill.
It’s not a good picture. You can see one of the mill’s blades close to the tree.


To go to my house from the main street, you have to take a walking path that’s close to the Thai massages place.

I just saw there is a man wearing a red jacket going that direction!


If you walk 30 steps, you can see my house. You can also see the roof window that leaks when it rains hard.
The window on the ground floor is the living room and those on the first floor are my kids’ bedrooms.


I hope you enjoyed my ghost town.


~ by DotedOn on November 3, 2016.

8 Responses to “800”

  1. 😮 there’s no cars in your pictures! In the UK we can’t move for cars in the Street.

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  2. It does seem kind of deserted. Your house is cute. I like those German big triangle roofs.

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  3. I REALLY enjoy seeing these pics, Paola! It’s such a beautiful area and am SO impressed by how pristine everything is and especially by the quality of the roads. I don’t see potholes, everything’s smooth, and so many roads are with pavers/cobblestones 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. really Germany had no street views? wow! Never knew that! ❤ xox

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