Saturday. I’m having a very lazy day with a headache due to not sleeping enough and a small Novemberfest celebration I had last night. I’m not complaining, I just feel not apt to write (or to do anything).
So, I’ll go back to the couch and maybe eat some salty peanuts and pretend I’m watching cartoons with my kids and try to sneak a nap (while saying to myself: “Good luck with that”).

I think this post is a bit empty so I leave you with two autumnal views. One of my backyard and the other one of what I see from my bedroom window if I turn my head to the right.


As you can see, there is not much to see.



~ by DotedOn on November 5, 2016.

9 Responses to “802”

  1. Headaches can make it difficult or impossible to function 😦 I hope that’s improving for you, me dear 🙂

    And I can tell you, our autumn here in my neck of the world hasn’t had a true, breathtaking peak in over 10 years, easily. This year it looked like it was MAYbe going to happen, but it was just a tease. It’s as if the trees turn in segments now, with spots of color, then lots falling or being green, and now more spots of color. It used to and is supposed to be the gradual waning to a peak, then waxing as were normal autumns. I miss it so much 😦

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    • The same is happening here and I miss the all orange/yellow views! 🙂
      Some trees are leafless and the others are still completely green.

      Headaches are bad, luckily I don’t have them so often 🙂


  2. Some greenery and blue sky…not bad!

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  3. I agree with Marissa, to be able to see the sky is nice 🙂 , on sunny mornings I’ll lay in bed looking up through the window (cause I’m lazy and won’t get up!) …..I’ll gaze through my window and watch the clouds sale by sun on my face, but LOL is there anything wrong in that? Why do we have to be rushing round doing things all the time? Plus I’m lazy!

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  4. awww, nice to see someones having a good weekend, as I am not. enjoy it. xoxo

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